Friday, June 6, 2008

Inspired again

I had a long phone convo with Kev today... as well as GG. That teamed with reading my friend Geoff's blog has really inspired me. I urge you to read Geoff's writings... the link is in the bottom of my blog, just click on 'This side of Paradise'. I am so lucky to have kindred spirits along my creative journeys.

I've also been in contact with many members of my family lately. I got an email from my cousin, M the other day and she has a new baby. Congrats to M and Mr. M! My dad seems to be doing well, however I do know there are days that he overdoes it, since he went home from the hospital. Brothers are fine. Oldest sister is doing great and just spent her dad's birthday with him. Lynda... still absent from us, but always in our hearts.


Geoff Schutt said...

Thanks for joining us on our journey, Robyn, and we wish you great positive energy on your own journey. Inspiration feeds inspiration, so you are extremely important to/for our "being." Thank you again.
-- Geoff and Eleanor

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