Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ok, back on track

Dad is doing much better. He should be released from the hospital today. We had a good talk last night on the phone. About photography and my business and such.

Yesterday I was included in another treasury, and my red 8X10 journal was featured on two different blogs! I'm also working with a wedding photographer to make custom pendants for her clients. Life is pretty good!

Today I'm going to buy craft supplies, and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to go out and take some awesome photos. I'm pushing to go to a place called Silver Falls here in Oregon. I've seen some photos of it and it's absolutely gorgeous... but we will see. I'm working on some plans for future endeavors, so my thoughts will be all about that.

Happy Saturday.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Not really feeling it today

My dad is in the hospital. Again. I talked with him last night and he was not in good spirits. He has pneumonia again... I didn't get a lot of sleep and I'm very worried. Sorry, no inspiring words for today.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wow, yesterday was a good day!

Yesterday morning I placed 2 craigslist ads. One in San Francisco and one in Seattle. I immediately got a reply from a lady in San Francisco about my photo pendants. Unfortunately, she needed a gift immediately, so she did not buy. However, she complimented my work and my prices a lot and I really feel like a wonderful relationship has started. She asked for my phone number to give to her clients, so she can refer them to me!

Then I found out that I'm in a treasury! I'll post the screen shot of it! Also, my project this week was to make photo pendants of my mom's homecoming photo. My mom passed away when I was 14 and this portrait I have of her is so beautiful... it looks amazing in a pendant and I'm sending one to all the girls in the family. Anyway, I had one at work and was showing it to everyone... I think I will get some custom orders from that-- not that that's why I was showing it. I was showing it because my mom was so beautiful and I was proud.

That's how marketing is, I'm finding. You get out there, you make impressions, you build relationships, and sometime in the future all of that may translate into a sale. But along the way, you've made a friend, so all is not lost.

Life is good. I will continue to market, and continue to plan my class. And I still have to narrow my choices down to 3 for the art show. Definitely the black and white 'wise tree', probably the multnomah falls one with the umbrellas. Any other suggestions? This art show includes a silent auction... I'd love your input on which photos I should include.

I'm going to the post office today to mail dad his gift. That makes me very happy! I hope you all are having a beautiful week!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Featured Artisan

Today's featured Artisan is Alex Petersen. I met her in the Etsy forums last week and instantly fell in love with her work. She does encaustic over pen and ink drawings, among other things. Enjoy her interview!
1. What is your craft of choice, and how long have you been doing that?I'm currently obsessed with encaustic. More specifically, encaustic used as a glaze over pen and ink. My main current project involves a large scaledrawing cut into 165 3"x 3" squares and individually dipped into encaustic medium, before being reassembled into a mosaic of sorts. (I'm hoping it turns out, because I was really fond of that drawing, lol!) the attraction to encaustic, for me, is that there is absolutely no "wrong" application. When I started working with it a few years ago, there was very minimal information on it. This created a huge feeling of creative freedom I haven't felt with other media.
2. How did you get started?With art itself? My mother taught art privately for years, so I grew up in a pretty full immersion environment. With the encaustic, I read a reference to the technique several years ago and was unfamiliar with it. Of course I did a google search and found someone in Great Britan that was selling small 'starter' kits with a page of tips and techniques included. I confiscated our griddle and bought a heat gun, and haven't looked back since.
3. How long have you been on Etsy?I actually signed up with Etsy a couple years ago, in 2007, but didn't commit to putting my things in the shop until almost two months ago.
4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?In five years I am hoping to expand my exposure a bit more, especially with my larger work. Nothing with too much pressure, though. I really like to keep the ability to continually push myself artistically, and I find that is hard to keep when you have gallery heavy commitments or become known for a particular style-that puts a lot of pressure to keep your 'brand' look. Yet another reason why selling online is such a cool opportunity.
5. What is the most challenging thing about having an online business?Not getting discouraged! I have had to take such a crash course in online marketing. I couldn't have even known where to start without the wonderful help of the Etsy community. I do think artists can be a bit over sensitive about their work,and I'm certainly not immune! Developing a thick skin in the more anonymous realm of the intertubes is critical.
6. What is the most rewarding thing about having an online business?Definitely the community! Where else can you have virtually instant feedback (good and bad) on your work? Or such a wide and varied global audience? I think this has opened such huge possibilities that would have been completely unthinkable just a few years ago.
7. How does your internet business fit into your life? Is it your job or do you have another job as well?Perfect fit, I'd say. I quit my regular job about 10 years ago, when I had my second son. In addition to the art, I keep the books for my husband's freelance work. He's an industrial designer that does quite a bit of retail design. So, I find having the Etsy shop provides perfect flexibility.
8. When you are not crafting, how do you spend your time?When I can carve a bit of free time, I love to read. I'm a pretty big s.f. geek, lol. Of course, my boys are now 15 and 11, so we try to spend as much time as we can with them in addition to everything else. They keep us moving!
9. Are there any links you'd like to share?Well, I just started my first blog at the suggestion of many in the Etsy community. I hope to contain the theme to my personal struggles with the creative process, as well as (hopefully) share tips and techniques. It's also where I'm sharing some of my bigger pieces of work.
10. Where do you get your inspiration??I see inspiration as more of a continual process of input, rather than from any particular sources. I sometimes think of our brains taking the form of a little busy squirrel, only instead of stuffing our cheeks with seeds and nuts, we are tucking away all sorts of little informational bits, storing them away for some future artistic endeavor.
This was a lot of fun, and I have to admit answering these questions has made me stop and think more than a little! I was surprised at how many things I've not ever really given a lot of thought. Thank you for including me in your blog, and I am REALLY looking forward to reading other artist's answers.


I have to admit, I was initially drawn to Alex because she's also in the Portland area. So she has the same challenges, and opportunities, to getting herself 'out' there. Check out her work, I think you'll be drawn to it, much as I was. Thank you, Alex!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! I'll be working on some creative photography tonight, and narrowing down choices for the February art show.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I woke this morning very energized about all the stuff to come! I have an art show in February, an art/craft show in the Spring, an upcoming class. I love to be busy! I don't do idle very well. I like the stress of deadlines, and I thrive on staying busy. When I lay around, my creativity dwindles. I don't feel like making anything, or planning anything. I need momentum, and I've got it!

Be sure to click on the links to the right side of the screen. A new interview of me was posted yesterday on Creative Crafts. I will be posting my artisan interview tomorrow. And, hopefully every Wednesday it will become a regular feature. If you'd like to be featured, please email me at with 'interview' in the subject.

If you are interested in more information about the class, feel free to email me at and put 'creativity class' in the subject.

The Etsy party is still going on at Bella's blog. She has a ton of giveaways, including one of my pendants. Check it out!

Today will be: work, making class outlines and notes, researching, and finishing up some more beautiful pendants. Life is good. I hope it's an amazing Tuesday for each of you!

I just found out I'm featured on a blog today!!! This one is a total surprise! Fabulous Handmade Finds!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Coming soon!

I have been planning for quite awhile to offer an online class. Just some final tweaks to add, and it will be offered soon. The basis of it? Spiritual creativity, staying motivated, realizing and keeping in touch with your authentic self. What do you think?


Monday sure sneaks up on us fast! One of my twitter friends last week said that Monday is a really crappy way to spend 1/7th of your life! I think she is right! I had a very productive weekend, and I listed 3 new journals.

I feel like I'm being pulled in a new direction with these... they are 4X6, so much smaller than my others. But they are also from more recycled materials. Shabbier, perhaps. I've always loved the shabby chic movement... and I always seem to miss the mark. These do as well, but I'm very happy with them.

It was not a photo weekend. That's ok. I made journals, and it feels like I have not done that in forever! I have an art show coming up in February. And an art/craft show & sale coming up this spring. For the first time in my life, I feel like I need a day planner! I think that will be a good investment very soon.

Have any of you seen the video for "Rock Star" by Nickelback? I may post it on here in a day or two... Why do I bring it up? Well, because my dad looks like the guys in ZZ Top. No kidding. And in that song, the ZZ Top guy is asking questions along the way... 'how you gonna do it' 'what do you need' etc. My dad is like that in my life. He helps to guide me to the next step. He lets me figure out what that step is, then he asks me to think it through so I get there... not pushing me in any direction, but helping to get the thoughts straight and keeping me on track. Not sure how I feel about music on my blog... but as long as it has a play button and isn't automatic, it will be ok.

So... I hope today is the start of an amazing week! Don't forget to check out the Etsy party and enter for some of the giveaways over here.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Come on over to the Party!!

There's an Etsy Party going on here! Check it out, there are tons of giveaways, including one of my pendants. Bella has really outdone herself! There's a whole lot of talent over there!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm back!

Today I am feeling good. No headache. Well rested. Inspired. And I have plenty of time. I will be working on two new journals today, as well as some supply shopping. Not sure if I will take photos today though. It so often seems that I can be in only one mode at a time. Like when I'm in photography mode, I don't feel like making journals. When I'm in housekeeping mode, I don't want to do any of my fun stuff, I just want to do it and get it done. And today I'm in journal mode... so it's all that's on my mind.

Today will be a mostly TV free day. So I'm revisiting the past... listened to Poison earlier, then DeVo, AC/DC... it's a good day. I'm finishing up a gift for my dad today, then mailing him and my step-mom their gifts. I can't wait til he receives it. Oh one more thing... there will be a totally inspired post (by the end of this week hopefully!) that I will co-write with someone! That's just a tease, huh?

So... I'll post my journals in my shop when I'm all done. Have a great weekend! And... just so you know, I may blog at will this weekend. So... if I'm moved to do so, there may be multiple posts this weekend. Just feeling it.

I hope you all woke with a feeling of renewal!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm back... in some form.

The migraine is still lingering, but today I'm going back to work, and I'm going to do my best to work through it. I've never had a migraine last more than a day and I hope this is a once in a lifetime occurance!
I have spent so much time in bed over the past two days that I thought I might go crazy. I'm not one to sit around, not one to put off creating. So, I'm back. And I have some work to do! I wrote an article on Balance, and it will be featured here sometime this morning. Please keep in mind that it was written in the midst of a migraine. But hopefully it has some good points.
I will be adding a links page to the right sometime today. Links to my radio interview, my articles, etc.
The migraine was a good reminder to me... of what happens when I internalize everything. When I stress and don't talk through it. It eats me up. So far, my one resolution was to be a do-er and not just a planner. So, now I add resolution #2... breathe, and talk through stressors, don't internalize them. Lesson learned. Now to apply it.
I do get caught up in being wonder woman. I think I need to do it all, be it all, and all with no help, no counsel. It's time to face it. I am not wonder woman. I can have help, even delegate if help is not immediately offered. I am not less if I ask for help, and I can talk things through. I learned by doing the Artist's Way that there are always people that you don't open up to (the crazymakers, remember?), but I do have a good sense of whom I can trust. Who I can just vent to without unloading my stress directly onto their shoulders. That's another aspect of it... I don't want to weigh someone else down.
So... two resolutions now. Yay for me :-). I'm so glad it's Friday. I have a lot of picture sorting to do this weekend. And I will take more photos. Always creating. Onward.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ok... my web presence

Trying something new... let me know what you think:

We interrupt this program...

for day 2 of a migraine... so no words today, just some images. These are mostly from last weekend... almost all from my bridge walk/downtown Portland day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This journey of life

Life is such a winding road. Each and every day is a journey. I've learned that the Buddhist teachings are true. Their two main beliefs: Life is Hard; Life is ever-changing. Who can argue with that??
Last night I chose to ignore drama, and do my thing. I started a new journal size (will fit into a purse!), and I took photos of new pendants that I had made. I went into my coccoon and I nurtured me. It felt good.
I am great in a crisis. I keep a very level head til the end. I may fall apart later, but I'm excellent in the heat of the battle. I simply did not want that to be the energy draw last night. And I felt like I got some stuff done. I'm sure that at some point today or tomorrow, my attention will be drawn back to the teenager. But right now it's the eye of the storm and I'm recharging with my art.
Tonight I will sew the new journal, and start another. I will also pursue some new marketing avenues. Life IS indeed ever changing. And when that pendulum swings, I hope to be ready... emotionally recharged, shop stocked, marketing done... then I can take everything as it comes.
As I type this, my husband sitting next to me is listening to Obama's inauguration speech online. The time has come that's what he said... oh yes, the time has come for us all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Soap box

I have 3 teenage sons. And as you can see, they are into dirtbiking. I used to cringe at the thought... but now I go with the flow. Sure, we've had trips to the hospital... but always for basically minor stuff. And I know they can get hurt. So do they. But they will get hurt doing something they love.
I've had a lot of exposure lately to a pretty unruly teenager. One who acts entitled, wants no rules whatsoever, and cannot seem to stay happily in one place for too long.
Also, I had a talk with my sister in law yesterday about all the children playing at McDonald's... she had taken her daughters there to play since they were out of school. She was talking about how disrespectful the children all seemed, and how the parents did not correct them at all.
And now for my rant... I don't think parents have any idea what a disservice they are doing to their children by not disciplining them. This teenager, if out on his own, would have to survive on mac and cheese, dirty dishes, probably no set sleep schedule, and probably stealing to get his basics, as he's never been taught work ethics. How does it get to that point?
I look at my children, and we've had issues. The youngest is coming on 13 and I'm braced for that (his brothers both acted out at that age). But they know how to prepare entire meals, and do so at times. They know how to do laundry and dishes. If someone else cooks for them, they always thank that person, and they actually offer to help around the house if they are sitting and see me doing chores. I don't have some strange breed of super child. I have children that have been disciplined and had to play an active part of 'family'.
My sister in law's daughters are wonderful girls. They are learning all of the same things. How to cook, clean, and be an active participant. I honestly think that this is what is wrong with alot of society. I think people are raising mindless, lazy sociopaths. A little harsh? Perhaps, but you don't know the week I've had.
My boys may fight and argue... even wrestle sometimes. But they would never stab someone or one another and I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. They have a conscious. They are members of society, not self-proclaimed outsiders, therefore they feel like they must contribute, not fight against it. Ugh, I didn't mean to get on a soap box. I just think it's sad.

Monday, January 19, 2009

All seems to be well in my family right now. Person after person has diverted a major catastrophe-to-be. 2009 has already had it's trials, but we've come through swimmingly (well, not me, I have a pretty boring life and that's how I like it). I have said for awhile now that 2009 is the year to shine!
I took pictures both days this weekend. Saturday at a park in a nearby town. Sunday at various parts of Portland. I have this fear of bridges... so Sunday, I walked across the Hawthorn Bridge in Portland! Walked across, taking many photos, then walked back, taking more. We also went to Union Station and took pictures there, and ended up at the Pittock Mansion that has the best view of Mt. Hood and the city. My husband took pictures there for an art show he has at work today.
It felt really good to face my fears on the bridge! Now I want to walk across all of the ones downtown! It was such a small act, but it made me feel about 10 feet tall!
Most of you know that I've been looking for a wholesale account for my pendants and have been looking into advertising venues for my shop as well. You'll notice the four ads on the right. I am sponsoring 4 ad blocks for project wonderful, and soon I will be putting my ad in as well, and it will go on other's sites. It is one step I'm taking. If you see anything of interest in that spot, please click away!
I wrote an article on Outdoor Photography for another blog, and I think it may post tomorrow. When I get word, I will certainly post a link for it on here! There may be several guest blog spots soon. I'm also considering having interviews on here of other artists.
This weekend, in addition to taking photos, I made a dozen new pendants. Some were repeats of ones I already have in my shop. Some are new and I should be able to list them within the week. I've also renewed several items for Valentine's day... like the rose pendant, the red journal, etc. And just in case you guys have not seen it, please check out this custom pendant... that I will make from your photo for a completely unique and personal gift!
Tomorrow it will be more personal stuff and less advertising, I promise... I'm just in that mode right now! I'd love to let people know what YOU are doing. Email me at I think I will make one day each week an artisan day.
I hope that all is well in your world. And that today shines!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wordless Weekend

Friday, January 16, 2009


I have mentioned on here before that I’ve done "The Artist’s Way" by Julia Cameron a few times. In case you are not familiar with it, it’s a book that is a ’12 week spiritual course to higher creativity’. I think I’ve done the 12 weeks three times.

In the book, each chapter is a week. One of the weeks is about ‘crazymakers’. These are the people who are hell-bent on creating drama and trouble with everyone around them. I’ve had a few experiences with exactly this type of person in my life. I don’t think we can fully ever get away from this type… but her book certainly helps to deal with them.

I’ve always had family members who are crazymakers. And let me tell you, when you take back the power, and don’t get sucked into their whirlwind of destruction, they get so mad! Then they guilt you, they put on a front, anything to get you sucked back in…

I will not go into any details about any specific people in my life, but I will tell you that when you are in control, and no longer getting sucked in, it’s the best feeling in the world! When I was younger, there was one crazy maker who I really felt like I needed approval from. Every creative endeavor I would run by her. Every single act of child rearing, I would try to gain her acceptance with. That turned into her copying my every craft, and taking over my parenting to show me how she could do it better.

Luckily for me, I was shown Julia’s book during this time. I learned how to see things for what they actually were. And I learned why I had lost any self-worth. During that 12 weeks, I gained strength that I had buried ever so long before. And by the time it was over, I had stood up to the crazymaker, regaining control of my life. It was the hardest thing I had ever done.
These days, it’s not as difficult, because I see situations for what they are, and I do not get that far into it. I still may befriend a crazymaker… but when I see what they are doing (and it might take 2-3 instances because I want to see the good in them), I back up. I take back the reigns before they are too comfortable with them.

I have been thinking a lot about doing The Artist’s Way again. I think sometime soon I will. I have learned that when I have this yearning, there are reasons… there are things that I need to learn again. There are so many more facets to the 12 weeks than crazymakers, like I said, that’s only one week. I found an online group, but I believe they are in week 7 right now.

I will put this out there, because I feel like I’m being led to. I will be doing the program in the next couple of months… so starting in February or March. If anyone out there would like to join me, let me know, and we will coordinate weeks, and possibly create a forum for it. That’s another thing I’ve learned… it’s always better to do this with at least one other person.
One more thing… happy Friday!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

These are two more of my dad’s photos. Aren’t they gorgeous? I thought today would be a good day to share something of his besides sunrises and sunsets.

This week has presented several opportunities. Last night I sat down and typed up a blog entry on outdoor photography. I had been asked through Etsy to write one, and then the person who approached me will post my ‘article’ and then put links to my shop. I also answered questions from an interview that will go onto another blog. There will be a third here real soon, but I’ve not started it yet. Remember that I said I was in journalism in high school? It’s coming in really handy these days! When these things are posted, I will put a link to them on here.

Marketing has been the most work of all when it comes to my Etsy shop. It’s quite a challenge to find effective marketing for an online shop. So, every day I try something new. Some work, some don’t. I am looking into print ads right now… something that is not online. I feel like if I do enough trial and error then eventually I will get there.

One of the questions on my interview was about the large number of people selling stuff on Etsy and if I felt threatened or competitive. One would think so, huh? But actually, I feel quite the opposite. If our work is good, it will stand on it’s own. And everywhere I turn there is someone more than willing to help me or give me advice. I don’t feel threatened, in fact, I feel pretty nurtured. I think I have not sold a lot of items because there are so many online sellers, but I will find my customers… I am nowhere close to giving up! See dad… perhaps stubbornness *is* genetic!

I was thinking some weeks ago and I realized (again) that I’m a great planner. Those plans usually don’t get carried out, but I have some wonderful ideas! One of my only real goals for this year is to not be just a planner, but also a do-er. I’ve applied that to several things so far and it’s going great. As I accomplish things, I’ll let you know. Marketing is the one I’m currently working on. The guest blog spots were another. So, turning a new leaf and life is pretty good!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

16 Random Things about Me.

1. I love to read blogs. I have 10-20 that I try to get to several times a week. I think people are amazing and I love to read what they have to say. This post is inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts. I read her blog often, though I don’t think I’ve ever commented once on her blog. I just don’t feel worthy.

2. Silence is very important to me. If I have time alone, I don’t turn the TV on, or the stereo. I don’t even play vinyl. I need silence.

3. I am addicted to texting. Right now, my sister in law and I text each other all throughout the day. We probably text one another over 100 times each day, constantly staying in touch.

4. I’ve now been interviewed on the radio!! Thanks to the wonderful people on the Pluggers United Etsy Team and

5. I started writing poetry when I was in Elementary School. I have probably written hundreds of poems. My poetry is generally dark. I’ve had a handful of poems published under my maiden name of Robyn Lindsey.

6. I’ve been working on a novel for probably 8 years now. It constantly gets put on the back burner.

7. I have one very strange subject that I like to take pictures of everywhere I go. It’s my hope to someday compile these photos into a book. So details of that will have to wait.

8. I’ve never been a fan of food in the morning. If I go to a restaurant for breakfast, my preference is to get lunch or dinner food. But I usually don’t eat til noon or later. Must have coffee though. And I love breakfast food for dinner.

9. If I drink, which is very rare anymore, I’m a rum girl. I love rum and cokes, and mojitos… mmmmm…

10. I am the youngest of 5 children. I have 2 older sisters and 2 older brothers. We are all spread out over the U.S. Right now we are all closer than we’ve been in years… except for our dear sister, Lynda, who we miss deeply. We are all still holding out hope to find her soon.

11. I hate shopping. I really hate it. I make grocery shopping into a game to see what percentage of money we can save so that’s not so bad anymore. But I hate clothes shopping, furniture shopping, house hunting, but mostly I detest shoe shopping.

12. I love office supply stores. And the school supply aisle in stores. I could sit and look and dream for hours. I love all kinds of paper, blank books, pens, pencils… my head just gets all dreamy thinking about it.

13. Most of the time, my personal bubble is very big. I am not a touchy-feely person. Therefore, I am usually overly cautious about respecting other people’s space. There are people and situations that warrant a hug, a pat on the back, just being held close, but those are not the norm for me.

14. I was a caregiver for my mom, from the time I was in elementary school, til she passed away when I was a freshman in high school. There’s not much that I can’t stomach, and at various times in my life I have yearned to become a nurse.

15. Speaking of yearning. I yearn most of all to be self-employed. I am learning patience, slowly, but I am trudging away to work for myself. I’m looking into freelance jobs, for both writing and photography. And looking into publishing a book. This will happen.

16. I love photography and carry my camera with me almost every single day. On a productive week, I will take 300-500 photos. I’m slowly learning photoshop, and constantly need to be productive.

There you have it… way more than you ever wanted to know. If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Way It Could Have Been

When I was a child I wanted to be a social worker. Then I wanted to be a flight attendant and see the world. In high school I was on the newspaper staff and I wanted to be a journalist.
My senior year, I spoke with an Army recruiter and joined the Army. I lived with my grandparents and knew that before my mom moved us there, they were on their way to retiring and traveling. But then we got dumped on them, that’s how I always felt.
My senior year, I was exposed to Langston Hughes’ poem "Dream Deferred". And I knew. I knew that my grandparents dream had been put on the back burner for us. I have always been grateful, but the Army was my way out. To get out of their home, to not be a burden to them. And an opportunity for me to see the world.
So, I joined the Army. And it scared me senseless. The closer my enlistment date got, the more petrified I became. And finally, I got a college catalog from the community college and I went to the recruiter. He tried telling me that I could not get out of it. I was sworn in already, and he held that over my head. But by that point, I knew what was possible. He kept me there for 3 hours, but in the end I left, and I was free.
I had not thought of that for years, but today it all came rushing back to me. If I had gone into the military, who would I be now? For that matter, if I had become a social worker, a flight attendant, or a journalist…
I am who I am because of every event in my life. Every dream has helped to mold me, to shape my soul. Even a failed marriage, lost jobs, every little spot on the galaxy of my past. I would not be the person that I am without each and every lost dream, every tear, every heartbreak.
In my life, I’ve worked at fast food, worked with developmentally delayed adults as a caregiver, was a stay at home mom, a med-aide in an assisted living facility, a housekeeper, a job developer for developmentally delayed adults, an administrator of an alzheimers unit, a temp worker in various factories, and now a scale operator at a gravel pit. Each and every job helped to give me all of my knowledge and ideals that I currently have. Each job has had it’s ups and downs. I can pick and choose any one and say ‘what if…’ but in the long run they were just pieces to the puzzle.
Our job does not define us. It contributes to our outlook, but it does not define the whole. I’m thankful for every struggle I’ve had. And for that matter, I’m thankful for the ones going on right now. They are adding to me, to make me a little more complete.
I’ve been thinking a lot about my photographs. I entered one in a contest Sunday, am working on submitting more to various contests. And by the end of the year, I should have a book made with many of them in there. I will keep you posted on that.
Another theme in my life lately. You know how something is when you notice the very same thing everywhere you go? Each time you turn around, there it is again… is a women’s sacred circle, goddess sacred circle, etc. I’ve said before that I’ve always been a tomboy. But at this point in my life, I am completely connecting with women. I am going to have to dive in soon… I see this phenomenon everywhere and it looks so inviting!
Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh Blogger World... any help would be appreciated...

I'm wanting to find wholesale accounts for my pendants If any of you out there have any pointers, contacts, or helpful advice, please throw them my way. Thank you in advance.

It's Monday again...

I feel like I had a pretty productive weekend. Saturday I cleaned the house (though you would not necessarily know it now!), and I finished and listed more pendants. Sunday we went house hunting. I also was able to get some good photos. Last night I entered a photo contest, did some research on, and applied for an account at
It was not an amazingly productive weekend, as far as photography—no solo trips out to get hundreds of photos. But it was pretty fulfilling, all in all. I figured out some stuff, business-wise, so it was all worth it.
I feel a little out of sorts today… a little restless. I will just have to see what today brings. Perhaps I will do a little unplugging in my life, and do stuff out in the real world for a week or so… we’ll see. Though, hopefully, I’ll still blog daily, I think I would miss that too much to take a whole week off!
This week, though, I think I should work on photo composition and editing. On figuring out business "stuff". And I should work on de-cluttering my house. So many things we move with us from place to place that are totally unnecessary. So… less online time would be in order, I believe.
Happy Monday to ya!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wordless Weekend

Friday, January 9, 2009

TGIF-- Totally!

I am so glad that it's Friday. I woke up so tired this morning, but tomorrow I sleep in, so that will help me through. Work has been interesting this past week, but I did have a better day yesterday. My dad reminded me of the fact that I have whatever kind of day I allow myself to have. He reminds me of one of my beliefs... wisdom comes with age. I think that's the biggest reason I love my birthday. It means I've just passed another year, learning so many lessons along the way.

Last night I listened to an interview on The interview was with Huck of and she was talking quite a bit about marketing. It was a great interview, and I learned quite a bit! They do these artisan interviews every Thursday at 9pm EST, if you get a chance, check them out.

We have had rain all week here, and starting today, it's supposed to be sunny through most of next week. So this weekend, I will most likely be out taking lots of pictures. Also, I'm going to list a custom pendant and feature it for Valentine's day... where the customer emails me a photo and I resize it and put it in the pendant. The thought of that makes me nervous, but since I have an absolute computer genious in the house, it will all be ok.

I will also do some natural light product photos this weekend. Photographing jewelry is a task that I'm finding very difficult. I've already taken the pendant photos 4 times, and I'm still not quite satisfied with them. But, I will get there.

I've gotten some updates on Lizzie... but the media has been hounding the family. If you'd like to get the latest, please email me and I will let you know. My sister requests that I not post it publicly just yet.

Oh... almost forgot... I received a magickal birthday gift from Jennlui in Canada!! I am more and more blessed each and every day :-).

I hope everyone's Friday is great, and the work part of your day flies by...

Just checked email... I'm featured on a blog!!!

I'm listed as one of the sites to see... Thanks FishHawk!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Keeping Promises to myself...

First of all... I love this macro that I took last weekend. The frost makes it come alive. I made this one into a pendant and will probably list it tonight.

My routine is that I get up, have my coffee, blog, get ready for work, and off I go. If I go back later in the day, I'm often pretty surprised at what I wrote. I write my blog, I believe, from my authentic self. Then later, as I'm wrapped up in work, chores, errands, etc. that self is often forgotten.

Yesterday at work was a horrible day. I became angry as soon as I got there, and I did not allow that anger to dissipate. Things had gone wrong, by no fault of mine, but they made my job more difficult, because I had to fix others mistakes. I fixed it within 2 hours, and could have let it go. But I didn't. I held onto it. I took it personal. I chose to let it weigh me down.

Then last night I read my blog... and yesterday I had written about how I would go in and find one wonderful thing about work and enjoy it. I so did not do that. I chose exactly the opposite. And realistically, my attitude hurt no-one but me. So not a yay day, as Melissa would put it.

I need to start keeping those promises to myself. I *know* that in most cases, I can choose to be happy. And unlike anger, happiness does not exhaust me. It makes me feel good, and I want to spread the joy. Anger, bitterness, resentment, they spread too... but I don't want to be responsible for bringing those things into other people's day.

Today, I will re-read this several times throughout the day. I'll probably get sick of myself! But I seem to need the reminders. I could also put messages in code on post it notes on my computer. Whatever it takes for me to be my best person.

After I posted this, I logged into Etsy and I'm featured in my first treasury!!! Please go check it out... my "Suspended" photo is in the 2nd slot! And it is slated to disappear tonight.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It's funny... in my Etsy shop, I've had to take all my journal pictures 3-4 times, and some still need work. I began photographing my pendants, and I will be on my 4th attempt tonight. I can go out and take the most beautiful shots in nature, but I am struggling with photographing my products.

But that's ok. I will look up some more tips today and re-shoot them. Each step of this journey teaches me something. I am currently learning how to photograph jewelry and patience. So... onward with the journey.

There seem to be some major shifts going on with my job. I had decided the other day that in a few months, I'm cutting down my hours. Of course, there are a lot of variables involved, like if I'll be able to replace that income with either sales from my shop or freelance photography work. But I went into work yesterday and learned of major changes. So far they don't directly affect me, but when things like that start happening, you start stressing about how it will affect you. Another place for patience.

I will keep doing my job the way that I always do. And I'll keep marketing my shop like mad. When it's time, everything will fall into place. I read a blog post the other day about faith. This is a good time for that as well. Faith that all of my marketing and lessons learned will pay off. Faith that everything will happen at the right time.

I just don't like going into work feeling that I am 'putting in the time.' So... I will go there today and find some glittery, sparkling facet of my job and focus on that. After all, I believe that everything in life has made me who I am. Therefore, this job is certainly contributing as well.

Have a great day...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

As I had said over the weekend, I played with my macro quite a bit. I am constantly amazed by the beauty in nature. And the closer you get, the more you see. These spiderwebs, though not the best examples of them, completely had me mesmerized. I must have sat there for ten minutes taking pictures. Then, I would start walking towards my destination (a path off of the path), and I would make it a few feet before having to stop for more macros.
I think this week will be a macro week... Since I'm so enthralled by being able to finally get my camera to do what I need it to!
I have made a lot of references to goals for the new year. I am not always so excited to see time pass. However, it seems to me that 2009 is going to be a year of making things happen. See that? I know I have to *make* them happen. And that's fine... nothing good comes easy and my heart is totally in this. Besides, it hardly feels like work when I'm having such a good time!
When I had bought the blanks to make coasters, I immediately knew what two of the sets would be. One is waterfall photos, one is trees. And I had the hardest time deciding what to do with the third set would be. However, after the weekend I knew... the third set is macro photography. When I list that set, I will call it "Look Closer". I think it's good advice... this year, we should all look a little closer.
Looking closer magnifies flaws, but it also magnifies the beauty that we don't readily see. A lot of the time, even the flaws are beautiful. Looking closer, especially at ourselves, often helps us to take the steps to change, to be the best we can.
I hope that when we all look closer at ourselves, we can all see the magic...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Starting the Week with Dad's Photos

Sometimes photos are like a stew. You take them, then they need to sit awhile for everything to mesh and to see the beauty in each one. So, I'm starting the week with Dad's photos. They've sat awhile, and they have become even more beautiful than when I first received them. I love that Dad and I now have photography in common. For Christmas I sent Dad a digital frame with a card full of my photos. I think I'm going to suggest to him that he grab a card and send me a full one... then I'll send him another, etc. Snail mail with digital images... pretty cool :-)
I went out and took pictures twice yesterday. It was 32 degrees in the morning when I went out, and though I bundled up, I didn't last long. I did get some photos of frost on spider webs, and lots of macros though. My second trip out, I somehow ended up at an abandoned barn, an abandoned shack, a burned down house in the woods, and the wildlife refuge. Unfortunately the trails at the wildlife refuge were closed due to high water, but I did get some good photos there.
Today after work will be all about sorting photos, and deleting bad ones. I need to bring some sort of order to my thousands of digital images. So yeah... back to work today. I hope you guys have a great Monday.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I learned some lessons on my photography expedition yesterday. I finally discovered how to use the macro setting on my camera! But here's what I learned:

  • stray off the beaten path, go down the road less traveled, less likely to be disturbed
  • don't get too close to the subject, let the camera work for you

These might be minor things, but to me they were huge. Staying away from the subject and letting the camera zoom was very difficult for me. It went against everything I wanted to do, and I had to keep reminding myself. Straying off the beaten path, that part was pretty easy for me. I love to wander off the path, to see what exactly I can find. I'm almost always pleasantly surprised when I do.

Today will be another photo taking expedition in the same place as I did yesterday. Then some photo editing, and hopefully I will make a set of coasters from macro shots. And I'm going to make more pendants.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Constant Working Towards Goals

I was thinking about my radio interview... and my goals popped into my head. I have not gone back and listened to it, but from what I remember, I mentioned them many times. The goal of being a travel photographer and writer. Sometime... hopefully today, but if not, then tomorrow, I will write out a goal sheet for this specific goal. I do have some informational emails pertaining to that, so they should give me some starting ideas.

I've had a feeling for awhile that 2009 is going to be completely magical. That it would be a year for me to shine. I just need to remember to do my part and stay focused on my goals. So... upwards and onwards...

Today will hopefully be a day to go take photos... and sort through my files on the computer. Last night I made some photo pendants and some photo coaster sets. Pretty excited about that! Also excited about having 50 items for sale in my shop! When the sales come, I will be ready.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Can't contain my excitement!

Ruthie, who interviewed me last night, posted this on her blog today and I thought I would share. This weekend will be about new projects and taking photos. Let me know what you think of her blog.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Interview Archive :-)

The interview went really well. I was not nearly as nervous as I thought I would be... however, my mind did go blank a few times. It was fun!

Interview Links

The interview will be at: if you go there and search for Thursday Spotlight on Artisan.

I will get a direct link minutes before the interview, at which time I will edit this post to reflect the exact link to the interview.

The interview will begin at 9pm EST.

Also, there is a chat feature, and if you'd like to chat, sign up for a free account prior to that time at

Happy New Year!

I woke up this morning with a headache, but nonetheless feeling shiny and new. I am so hopeful for this coming year. I think magic is here... and I think it wants to stay.
Today will be a busy day for me. I'd like to list a couple of new journals before my radio interview. And I'd like to sort my photos into a few categories to make my shop easier to maneuver. And of course, I need to go through the interview questions again. My big plan for today was taking photos, but it's pouring down rain. I may still go to the park with an umbrella... not sure rain can stop me today!
I wish for the best year ever for all of you! May all the blessings in life come your way. Always remember that friends are one of the blessings in life... let's not lose one another!

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