Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Soap box

I have 3 teenage sons. And as you can see, they are into dirtbiking. I used to cringe at the thought... but now I go with the flow. Sure, we've had trips to the hospital... but always for basically minor stuff. And I know they can get hurt. So do they. But they will get hurt doing something they love.
I've had a lot of exposure lately to a pretty unruly teenager. One who acts entitled, wants no rules whatsoever, and cannot seem to stay happily in one place for too long.
Also, I had a talk with my sister in law yesterday about all the children playing at McDonald's... she had taken her daughters there to play since they were out of school. She was talking about how disrespectful the children all seemed, and how the parents did not correct them at all.
And now for my rant... I don't think parents have any idea what a disservice they are doing to their children by not disciplining them. This teenager, if out on his own, would have to survive on mac and cheese, dirty dishes, probably no set sleep schedule, and probably stealing to get his basics, as he's never been taught work ethics. How does it get to that point?
I look at my children, and we've had issues. The youngest is coming on 13 and I'm braced for that (his brothers both acted out at that age). But they know how to prepare entire meals, and do so at times. They know how to do laundry and dishes. If someone else cooks for them, they always thank that person, and they actually offer to help around the house if they are sitting and see me doing chores. I don't have some strange breed of super child. I have children that have been disciplined and had to play an active part of 'family'.
My sister in law's daughters are wonderful girls. They are learning all of the same things. How to cook, clean, and be an active participant. I honestly think that this is what is wrong with alot of society. I think people are raising mindless, lazy sociopaths. A little harsh? Perhaps, but you don't know the week I've had.
My boys may fight and argue... even wrestle sometimes. But they would never stab someone or one another and I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. They have a conscious. They are members of society, not self-proclaimed outsiders, therefore they feel like they must contribute, not fight against it. Ugh, I didn't mean to get on a soap box. I just think it's sad.


Ali said...

Oh my goodness. I have one boy, and I am pregnant. I might have another on the way - who knows. So this could be my future? Dirt Bike shows? Oh boy. I need to prepare myself!

blockhead radio said...

Couldn't have said it better are right on. Great post.

Drop of Sunshine Design said...

Good for you! My mom was the same with me and my brother and I grew up to be a very responsible person thanks to her... Your boys are ready for the real world unlike many people out there!

Melissa said...

I agree 100%. Since I had a daughter (17 yrs ago), I noticed how destructive, disrespectful, and out of control other people's kids are. My ex boyfriends mother always said I was too strict. Well guess what lady...I have a 17 yr old daughter who is FUN to be around. She isn't any trouble. She has her moments, but they're MOMENTS, not the norm. She knows who the boss is (ME!), but we are respectful of each other and even like spending time together. Yesterday she came home from being at a friend's house for a few days...she sat on the couch and we talked for about an hour about whatever. She's awesome!

I also can't stand it when people allow their children to run around and then say, "oh he/she has ADAH" or whatever. I'm not saying that isn't a real thing, but I know for a fact some people use that as an excuse because they haven't told their kid not to run around a restaurant. I stopped going out to eat with an ex friend of mine because I couldn't stand her kid - under the table, standing up looking at the people behind us, running in the walk-way. Ugh. Not only is it annoying and embarrassing, but it's so dangerous for the kid and everyone else around.

You're very right - they aren't doing their children any favors by not making them act correctly and/or by spoiling them with anything and everything. People somehow have this twisted idea that LOVE means never saying NO. It certainly doesn't. Love means saying NO NO NO when it is appropriate and saying YES YES YES all the other times!

I'm done with my rant too.

Thanks Robyn.


Beth said...

I completely agree with you I think most people are too lazy to raise their own children. Eventually some "system" will do it.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

It sounds like you've had a rough week! I hope everything works out. I totally agree with you on the disservice parents are doing their children right now in our society. I used to work in a

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