Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ok, back on track

Dad is doing much better. He should be released from the hospital today. We had a good talk last night on the phone. About photography and my business and such.

Yesterday I was included in another treasury, and my red 8X10 journal was featured on two different blogs! I'm also working with a wedding photographer to make custom pendants for her clients. Life is pretty good!

Today I'm going to buy craft supplies, and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to go out and take some awesome photos. I'm pushing to go to a place called Silver Falls here in Oregon. I've seen some photos of it and it's absolutely gorgeous... but we will see. I'm working on some plans for future endeavors, so my thoughts will be all about that.

Happy Saturday.


Moon said...

prosecute the KID-KILLERS

Robynsart said...

Um... yeah. About that comment. This blog is not about hate. It's about the path of creativity, and all-around doing what it takes to make the best of life. Please don't leave hateful comments on my blog.

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