Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I woke this morning very energized about all the stuff to come! I have an art show in February, an art/craft show in the Spring, an upcoming class. I love to be busy! I don't do idle very well. I like the stress of deadlines, and I thrive on staying busy. When I lay around, my creativity dwindles. I don't feel like making anything, or planning anything. I need momentum, and I've got it!

Be sure to click on the links to the right side of the screen. A new interview of me was posted yesterday on Creative Crafts. I will be posting my artisan interview tomorrow. And, hopefully every Wednesday it will become a regular feature. If you'd like to be featured, please email me at with 'interview' in the subject.

If you are interested in more information about the class, feel free to email me at and put 'creativity class' in the subject.

The Etsy party is still going on at Bella's blog. She has a ton of giveaways, including one of my pendants. Check it out!

Today will be: work, making class outlines and notes, researching, and finishing up some more beautiful pendants. Life is good. I hope it's an amazing Tuesday for each of you!

I just found out I'm featured on a blog today!!! This one is a total surprise! Fabulous Handmade Finds!


Melissa said...

I wish I had your drive and your energy! It's amazing to watch. :)


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