Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wow, yesterday was a good day!

Yesterday morning I placed 2 craigslist ads. One in San Francisco and one in Seattle. I immediately got a reply from a lady in San Francisco about my photo pendants. Unfortunately, she needed a gift immediately, so she did not buy. However, she complimented my work and my prices a lot and I really feel like a wonderful relationship has started. She asked for my phone number to give to her clients, so she can refer them to me!

Then I found out that I'm in a treasury! I'll post the screen shot of it! Also, my project this week was to make photo pendants of my mom's homecoming photo. My mom passed away when I was 14 and this portrait I have of her is so beautiful... it looks amazing in a pendant and I'm sending one to all the girls in the family. Anyway, I had one at work and was showing it to everyone... I think I will get some custom orders from that-- not that that's why I was showing it. I was showing it because my mom was so beautiful and I was proud.

That's how marketing is, I'm finding. You get out there, you make impressions, you build relationships, and sometime in the future all of that may translate into a sale. But along the way, you've made a friend, so all is not lost.

Life is good. I will continue to market, and continue to plan my class. And I still have to narrow my choices down to 3 for the art show. Definitely the black and white 'wise tree', probably the multnomah falls one with the umbrellas. Any other suggestions? This art show includes a silent auction... I'd love your input on which photos I should include.

I'm going to the post office today to mail dad his gift. That makes me very happy! I hope you all are having a beautiful week!


Tea said...

That was a very good day!! Cheers -Tea

Geoff Schutt said...

Congratulations on all of the success, recognition & accolades, Robyn!

Geoff & Eleanor

Anonymous said...

ok, i have to share, as this was way too amazing...
I am reading a book called Marketing for the Holistic Practitioner by Michelle Vandepas. i was reading at lunch today about advertising, cause this is one of my biggest concern. This is what she said..." Dont do it! Therapists get clients by word of mouth and keep them thru excellent customer service. This is true w/ few exceptions." Then I read about marketing, and she says..." selling a service means selling yourself and building trust before a client will use your service. Your clients are buying a complete package that is YOU. If you think about growing your practice by creating relationships with others, you will find your practice will grow quickly and with the least amount of work. All you will do is meet new people, take care of existing clients, and nurture the relationships you currently have."
Robyn, I think this can apply to all forms of business- i see you are learning this on your own, but was amazed at the parrallel between my reading today and your post. xoxoxoxoxo

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