Thursday, January 8, 2009

Keeping Promises to myself...

First of all... I love this macro that I took last weekend. The frost makes it come alive. I made this one into a pendant and will probably list it tonight.

My routine is that I get up, have my coffee, blog, get ready for work, and off I go. If I go back later in the day, I'm often pretty surprised at what I wrote. I write my blog, I believe, from my authentic self. Then later, as I'm wrapped up in work, chores, errands, etc. that self is often forgotten.

Yesterday at work was a horrible day. I became angry as soon as I got there, and I did not allow that anger to dissipate. Things had gone wrong, by no fault of mine, but they made my job more difficult, because I had to fix others mistakes. I fixed it within 2 hours, and could have let it go. But I didn't. I held onto it. I took it personal. I chose to let it weigh me down.

Then last night I read my blog... and yesterday I had written about how I would go in and find one wonderful thing about work and enjoy it. I so did not do that. I chose exactly the opposite. And realistically, my attitude hurt no-one but me. So not a yay day, as Melissa would put it.

I need to start keeping those promises to myself. I *know* that in most cases, I can choose to be happy. And unlike anger, happiness does not exhaust me. It makes me feel good, and I want to spread the joy. Anger, bitterness, resentment, they spread too... but I don't want to be responsible for bringing those things into other people's day.

Today, I will re-read this several times throughout the day. I'll probably get sick of myself! But I seem to need the reminders. I could also put messages in code on post it notes on my computer. Whatever it takes for me to be my best person.

After I posted this, I logged into Etsy and I'm featured in my first treasury!!! Please go check it out... my "Suspended" photo is in the 2nd slot! And it is slated to disappear tonight.


Melissa said...

"So not a yay day, as Melissa would say." Well, that thought made me smile big and warmed my heart. So, perhaps your 'bad' day had a purpose...(not like it's all about moi), but I do believe that amazing things can come out of the sucky'est of sucky things.

Oh yeah, breaking promises to ourselves right after it comes out of our mouths. Done it. You want to kick yourself in the butt huh? If you must kick yourself, do it nicely Robyn - you're a wonderfully, amazing, beautiful imperfect human being and that's perfectly perfect!!

CONGRATULATIONS on the treasury!!!! So, there was some YAYING going on in your life - you just didn't know about it yet. :)


Anonymous said...

ditto what Melissa says. those not so perfect days have very important lessons too. I had one on Monday and I was floored once i really stopped to think about the posibilities. We all have them from time to time- focus your energies on the great things( your photography, your Etsy, 2009) this day shall pass. Know that you have lots of people out here who care about you, and are all wishing you much happiness.

Wanda Kurtz said...

You know I've watched you go from the brat to a beautiful woman.....Being the youngest child is hard to get over. I am so proud of you Robyn. Life is what you make it and if you have a sense of peace in it you will do well. Whereever you get that from. Or if it is just inside of you. I'm glad I'm your sisier and friend, that is unusual. I Love You Baby Sister.

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