Thursday, January 15, 2009

These are two more of my dad’s photos. Aren’t they gorgeous? I thought today would be a good day to share something of his besides sunrises and sunsets.

This week has presented several opportunities. Last night I sat down and typed up a blog entry on outdoor photography. I had been asked through Etsy to write one, and then the person who approached me will post my ‘article’ and then put links to my shop. I also answered questions from an interview that will go onto another blog. There will be a third here real soon, but I’ve not started it yet. Remember that I said I was in journalism in high school? It’s coming in really handy these days! When these things are posted, I will put a link to them on here.

Marketing has been the most work of all when it comes to my Etsy shop. It’s quite a challenge to find effective marketing for an online shop. So, every day I try something new. Some work, some don’t. I am looking into print ads right now… something that is not online. I feel like if I do enough trial and error then eventually I will get there.

One of the questions on my interview was about the large number of people selling stuff on Etsy and if I felt threatened or competitive. One would think so, huh? But actually, I feel quite the opposite. If our work is good, it will stand on it’s own. And everywhere I turn there is someone more than willing to help me or give me advice. I don’t feel threatened, in fact, I feel pretty nurtured. I think I have not sold a lot of items because there are so many online sellers, but I will find my customers… I am nowhere close to giving up! See dad… perhaps stubbornness *is* genetic!

I was thinking some weeks ago and I realized (again) that I’m a great planner. Those plans usually don’t get carried out, but I have some wonderful ideas! One of my only real goals for this year is to not be just a planner, but also a do-er. I’ve applied that to several things so far and it’s going great. As I accomplish things, I’ll let you know. Marketing is the one I’m currently working on. The guest blog spots were another. So, turning a new leaf and life is pretty good!


Amy said...

We are delighted to have you hang out with us! & look forward to your collabortion !

aquariann said...

Those are gorgeous photos!! Such vibrant colors. Interesting blog entry, too.

Anonymous said...

Dads pictures are absolutetly gorgeous. Very nice entry today. I am glad I had the opportunity to read your blog. Things will always workout if you thrive to do so. Talk to you tonight.

Love Ya!!!!
Your Sis

Geoff Schutt said...

The more crowded the store shelves are -- the more sales will be made.

So, you're exactly right. Keep creating. The very best rises to the top, as your work is doing.

"Hurrah, and cheers!"

Eleanor & Geoff

One drop at a time... said...

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