Friday, January 9, 2009

TGIF-- Totally!

I am so glad that it's Friday. I woke up so tired this morning, but tomorrow I sleep in, so that will help me through. Work has been interesting this past week, but I did have a better day yesterday. My dad reminded me of the fact that I have whatever kind of day I allow myself to have. He reminds me of one of my beliefs... wisdom comes with age. I think that's the biggest reason I love my birthday. It means I've just passed another year, learning so many lessons along the way.

Last night I listened to an interview on The interview was with Huck of and she was talking quite a bit about marketing. It was a great interview, and I learned quite a bit! They do these artisan interviews every Thursday at 9pm EST, if you get a chance, check them out.

We have had rain all week here, and starting today, it's supposed to be sunny through most of next week. So this weekend, I will most likely be out taking lots of pictures. Also, I'm going to list a custom pendant and feature it for Valentine's day... where the customer emails me a photo and I resize it and put it in the pendant. The thought of that makes me nervous, but since I have an absolute computer genious in the house, it will all be ok.

I will also do some natural light product photos this weekend. Photographing jewelry is a task that I'm finding very difficult. I've already taken the pendant photos 4 times, and I'm still not quite satisfied with them. But, I will get there.

I've gotten some updates on Lizzie... but the media has been hounding the family. If you'd like to get the latest, please email me and I will let you know. My sister requests that I not post it publicly just yet.

Oh... almost forgot... I received a magickal birthday gift from Jennlui in Canada!! I am more and more blessed each and every day :-).

I hope everyone's Friday is great, and the work part of your day flies by...

Just checked email... I'm featured on a blog!!!

I'm listed as one of the sites to see... Thanks FishHawk!!


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