Wednesday, January 14, 2009

16 Random Things about Me.

1. I love to read blogs. I have 10-20 that I try to get to several times a week. I think people are amazing and I love to read what they have to say. This post is inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts. I read her blog often, though I don’t think I’ve ever commented once on her blog. I just don’t feel worthy.

2. Silence is very important to me. If I have time alone, I don’t turn the TV on, or the stereo. I don’t even play vinyl. I need silence.

3. I am addicted to texting. Right now, my sister in law and I text each other all throughout the day. We probably text one another over 100 times each day, constantly staying in touch.

4. I’ve now been interviewed on the radio!! Thanks to the wonderful people on the Pluggers United Etsy Team and

5. I started writing poetry when I was in Elementary School. I have probably written hundreds of poems. My poetry is generally dark. I’ve had a handful of poems published under my maiden name of Robyn Lindsey.

6. I’ve been working on a novel for probably 8 years now. It constantly gets put on the back burner.

7. I have one very strange subject that I like to take pictures of everywhere I go. It’s my hope to someday compile these photos into a book. So details of that will have to wait.

8. I’ve never been a fan of food in the morning. If I go to a restaurant for breakfast, my preference is to get lunch or dinner food. But I usually don’t eat til noon or later. Must have coffee though. And I love breakfast food for dinner.

9. If I drink, which is very rare anymore, I’m a rum girl. I love rum and cokes, and mojitos… mmmmm…

10. I am the youngest of 5 children. I have 2 older sisters and 2 older brothers. We are all spread out over the U.S. Right now we are all closer than we’ve been in years… except for our dear sister, Lynda, who we miss deeply. We are all still holding out hope to find her soon.

11. I hate shopping. I really hate it. I make grocery shopping into a game to see what percentage of money we can save so that’s not so bad anymore. But I hate clothes shopping, furniture shopping, house hunting, but mostly I detest shoe shopping.

12. I love office supply stores. And the school supply aisle in stores. I could sit and look and dream for hours. I love all kinds of paper, blank books, pens, pencils… my head just gets all dreamy thinking about it.

13. Most of the time, my personal bubble is very big. I am not a touchy-feely person. Therefore, I am usually overly cautious about respecting other people’s space. There are people and situations that warrant a hug, a pat on the back, just being held close, but those are not the norm for me.

14. I was a caregiver for my mom, from the time I was in elementary school, til she passed away when I was a freshman in high school. There’s not much that I can’t stomach, and at various times in my life I have yearned to become a nurse.

15. Speaking of yearning. I yearn most of all to be self-employed. I am learning patience, slowly, but I am trudging away to work for myself. I’m looking into freelance jobs, for both writing and photography. And looking into publishing a book. This will happen.

16. I love photography and carry my camera with me almost every single day. On a productive week, I will take 300-500 photos. I’m slowly learning photoshop, and constantly need to be productive.

There you have it… way more than you ever wanted to know. If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged.


RedMarionette said...

Interesting how we can highlight fun things about us in a list. Its weird how just a few things not normally spoken about can make you relate to someone whom you have never met, seen or spoken to.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Wow - I may just have to try doing this type of post - that was a lot of really interesting information!

300-500 photos? I can't even imagine! Wow...

One drop at a time... said...

I'm doing this tomorrow!!! It should be fun doing an "introversion"...

Michele said...

What a cool idea...random things about me...I'm not sure I could come up with 16 thoughts about me...would be a great exercise for the mind, thought!

Your blog is great! I will convo you!

Geoff Schutt said...

I've always liked office stores, too, Robyn. There's so much creative possibility presented there -- the raw materials. When I walk in, that's all I can think of -- the possibilities. Endless.

Great list -- once more, you share things about yourself, and we know you even better, and that makes us better -- for knowing you.

Geoff (& Eleanor)

Abid Ali said...

very nice

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