Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Constant Working Towards Goals

I was thinking about my radio interview... and my goals popped into my head. I have not gone back and listened to it, but from what I remember, I mentioned them many times. The goal of being a travel photographer and writer. Sometime... hopefully today, but if not, then tomorrow, I will write out a goal sheet for this specific goal. I do have some informational emails pertaining to that, so they should give me some starting ideas.

I've had a feeling for awhile that 2009 is going to be completely magical. That it would be a year for me to shine. I just need to remember to do my part and stay focused on my goals. So... upwards and onwards...

Today will hopefully be a day to go take photos... and sort through my files on the computer. Last night I made some photo pendants and some photo coaster sets. Pretty excited about that! Also excited about having 50 items for sale in my shop! When the sales come, I will be ready.

Enjoy your Saturday!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Good luck on reaching your goals! I found this site the other day and wrote up a review on it - it's all about goal setting :)

Geoff Schutt said...

Robyn, I can already sense a new excitement and this "positive energy" aura around your site -- 2009 will indeed be an amazing year, and it will be great to follow you as you go forward. Yes, onward and upward!

Geoff (& Eleanor, who especially thanks you, for your most recent comment at "This Side of Paradise")

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