Friday, June 27, 2008

Paul the Seaside Treasure

Seaside is a small coastal town in Oregon. It is a beautiful, small, peaceful town. When we go there, I feel peaceful, and content. Seaside has a boardwalk, with many interesting shops. One day last year, we were wandering through town and happened into a book store hidden almost in an alley way.

We were perusing the books, and I noticed a man who must have been in his 30's. He was obviously developmentally delayed and the cashier handed him some paper and crayons. He sat at a table off to the side and was drawing.

I walked over to him and began admiring his work. To me, art is always something that should be shared and encouraged. I spoke to him and learned his name is Paul. I watched Paul draw a few drawings and approach customers offering to sell his art to them. I asked if he would draw a picture for me. He did and I paid him. He also pointed out a framed piece of his art by the register for sale. I was so impressed by him, not because of the quality of his art (though his art is awesome), but by the fact that he was producing art, and that he was trying to make his way.

Paul filled my heart with such joy. He is truly a Seaside Treasure.


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