Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Stairway

I went camping last weekend at the Oregon Coast. This stairway led down to our walk-in campsite. It was breathtakingly beautiful where we were. But the most amazing thing is that we spent two solid days with no cell service. No tv. No radio. Just us and nature.

This stairway symbolizes my life right now. All I have to do is take the initiative and climb up. Amazing things are waiting for me at the top. If I climb these steps, I will be that much closer to happiness, to fulfillment, to all that is already mine.

43 things helps me to work on goals. Each one is a step in my life. But there are so many more. Today my first step is waking with a positive attitude, ready to face any challenges head-0n. And let me tell you, I am ready.

These steps are not mine alone. They are for anyone who would like to get to the top. To see what awaits them. Wanna join me?


Geoff Schutt said...

Eleanor and I are with you, Robyn. Let the journey begin!

Melissa said...

Lovely picture! I love natural stairways like that. I have several hills on my property and would like to (someday) 'install' something like it. My husband, daughter, and I used to walk at a local park - they had these kinds of steps - we've since moved away from that area.....gosh I miss those days.

~Adventures in the woods~

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