Sunday, November 14, 2010

Every Single Thing

I am embarking on the biggest, most rewarding journey of my life. And I was struck with the realization today. What I realized is this:

Every. Single. Thing. So. Far. In. My. Life. Has. Brought. Me. To. Where. I. Am. Today.

Amen, I say, after this hits me like a lightning bolt.

Every ounce of grief has taught me compassion for the human condition.

Being the caregiver for a bedridden mother taught me the same, along with perserverance.

The knowledge that even though my grandparents were very strict, bordering on abusive, the knowledge that even though they dealt with me with a strong hand, that they loved me absolutely and did the best job they were equipped to do.

Being a job developer for developmentally delayed adults taught me how to think outside the box and create opportunities.

Being the administrator of an alzheimer's unit taught me how to deal with staff and encourage them to perform their job duties well.

Working for a temp agency exposed me to jobs I never would have considered previously. Working the job I've now held for 5 years has helped me learn so many things.

My post-marital relationship with my first husband, and the amazing co-parenting we've done has taught me about fighting against the odds. Even my chaotic, drama filled 2nd marriage taught me so much about how people deal in certain circumstances, and how interpersonal relationships are affected by factors both internal and external.

Every single thing has brought me to where I am. And for that, I am thankful!


Theresa @ TheCreativeWell said...

AMEN, Sis! If only more people could learn from the obstacles and experiences they've been through. You are absolutely amazing, and I am thankful to have you!


Crystal Zacharias said...

Yes, for everything there is a season. Sometimes at the time we don't understand why, but one day we will! I too sometimes wonder why some things happen to me...and I guess too, it makes me for me.

giggles'N' rainbows said...

I haven’t left a comment for a while; I want what I write to be encouraging to others and haven’t felt like it could. Today, however… I felt compelled. Right now I’m going through a very painful period of my life. I can’t see what is beyond the pain right now… how it could possibly be of benefit or make me grow. I found your blog uplifting, Thank you so much.

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