Wednesday, November 17, 2010

With Help From My Friends

I've written a post before about how important my friends are to me. Yesterday I posted on facebook that I need to have a gathering of my tribe, my girlies... I have some really important things to discuss and there are times the tribe is the only way to move through something, past it, to the other glorious side.

I was telling another friend about it and she was like 'you have a tribe?' I've never used that term before, but it's as good a term as any, doncha think? Most of these women I have never met in real life. And I really don't think it lessens the value of the friendship a bit.

I've met these amazing women on twitter, facebook, etsy. They are the most real people that I know. They are smart, articulate, motivated, thoughtful. Overall amazing :-)

So... I am getting by... with a little help from my friends. And I'd have it no other way!


Mary said...

Robyn, Friends, both online, and in the real world, are important for our well-being. Glad you have a "tribe" that helps you through those rough spots. Blessings.

Theresa @ TheCreativeWell said...

Woot! Our tribe is one of the best! We can conquer anything when we band together :)

Love ya, Sis!

Charmed Gifts said...

I agree with you 100%. It's so important to have a group of peeps you can rely on at all time. I feel privledged to be a part of your tribe. =D

Miranda said...

Woot for the Tribe! I feel honored and privileged to be a fairly new addition to this tribe. You and all the other girls make me realize there is nothing that I can't handle, conquer and own as my own in life. Thanks to you and the tribe I realize i don't need to sweat the small stuff and through you all can tackle the mountains that get in my way. So girl, I just want you to know that anytime I am here for you, you are an inspiration and i am blessed to call you a friend! xoxoxo

McMGrad89 said...

I have felt the same way about my FB, Twitter, Scrapblog, Flickr friends. Some I have actually met in person. Regardless, these ladies have been a cornucopia (big word of the day) of support.

I am glad you have a circle of friends to lift you up, even if it is a virtual shout out or hug.

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