Thursday, December 16, 2010

I am Enough

I struggle with enough. Not *having* enough, I always know that I have everything that I need. I struggle with BEING enough. I am a very driven person, and that is ok. But what is not ok is my feelings that I need to be more to everyone. That I am letting people down. I have been feeling that a lot lately with one particular person. Someone that I've been in disagreement with. In all reality, this person is angry at his/her circumstances and is projecting it onto my life. And they seem to have the power.

It is time though. I am enough. My life is amazing. And I will not let this person affect how I feel any longer. The power is mine, this is my life and I can hold my head with pride at how I am living it.

So. Today I will be repeating things to myself. I am enough. I. Am. Enough. My life is mine. I hold the reins.

What are you struggling with?


Theresa @ TheCreativeWell said...

YAY! I'm so happy for you! You are MORE than enough, and it's about time you realized it. hehehe...

Love you!

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