Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis the Season For Crazymakers

The holidays have a way of bringing crazymakers in close proximity of us... even if we've more or less gotten them out of our lives. The holidays also have a way of making each of us into a crazymaker, spinning out of control with busy-ness and stress. So, I'd say the chances are that you will have some contact with crazymakers real soon... and you may become one.

I have some advice for this... First of all, at those family gatherings, where you have limited contact with a crazymaker, do NOT overshare. You can see them nagging, being negative about everything, don't give them a chance to know your dreams, your goals, or things you have going on. Don't give them the ammo to attack you.

Be polite, talk about the weather, talk about something on television. Don't let them into your life or your heart.

Don't sell out others to the crazymakers. Don't join in their talk about crazy Aunt Mary. If they persist, mention something nice about whoever they are attacking and change the subject.

Try to stay away from topics where they can attack someone (even something as inane as the turkey can start an attack on the cook, the tree could bring lots of attacks about the tacky decorator.

Go back to weather, a tv show, something you read in the newspaper.

If nothing else, allign yourself with someone who is not a crazymaker. Go hang out with "Crazy Aunt Mary" who always has a smile on her face and only nice things to say. You may make a new friend.

My Dad's last words to me were "Stay away from them crazymakers." Feel free to borrow that if you need it!


TopazPearleGirl said...

I always try to stay away from the crazymakers! Happy holidays!!

Theresa said...

Fantastic post today, Sis! Great advice that we should all keep in the fore front of our minds when attending those family gatherings. :) Love ya!


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