Sunday, July 20, 2008

An amazing trip

I have learned in my adult years to not expect too much. I usually end up being disappointed, and that really blows. However, this trip way exceeded my already high expectations.

I spent part of every day with my dad. He went to a water park with us for the day, and he went to the fairgrounds to watch the boys ride their dirt bikes. He made the most amazing pancakes one morning (I really need to get his recipe!). He looked really good and his lungs sounded clear. Two nights he came over to my brother's house (where I was staying) for dinner.

I met my sister's son and he is quite a wonderful young man. We spent 2 1/2 days with him. I got re-acquainted with my brothers, their wives, and met all of my neices and nephews. The day that we went to the water park we had to take 4 vehicles and there were 19 of us total. It was totally amazing for little miss independant (me) to look around with pride at this huge family group.

There was one personality conflict during our visit, but I did not let that person get to me (well, after the first day in which I felt like a disappointment of a daughter and I cried for two hours). The 2nd and 3rd times this person tried to get to me, it simply did not work. And realistically, it was a person who I could've totally re-bonded with, but I did not need or want the drama.

The night before we left, my sister in law came and got me out of our tent at 3am. Dad had been ambulanced to the hospital. He had been having chest pains. Anyway... he had a stint put in. And today he went home. I've not spoken to him yet because he's resting, but I just talked to my step mom and she said he's doing really well.

I have a lot going on this minute, but I will post more about my trip soon.


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