Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Feeling magical-- what a difference!

The PMS has washed away. I feel none of the weight dragging me down now. Apparently I did a pretty good job of hiding my psychoses... but, man, was I crazy in my head!!

Anyway... I feel so good today that it's magical. I feel like I could take on anything and come out on top.

I have been trying to stay so upbeat and so positive... and when the PMS hit me, I got way further down than I needed to because I was beating myself up for not being positive on top of all the hormones.

So... lesson learned. I don't have to be "up" or "on" all the time. Yes, I can do all I can to stay positive and not absorb negativity. I can be around people who are being hateful and not join in. I can understand situations and see the upside of things. But sometimes I may not be completely overjoyed and that is ok.

I will not beat myself up for having emotions. I am sarcastic, I have a very dry sense of humour, and a sharp wit. As long as I'm doing no harm, then all of that is ok. I hope I am listening here... I AM OK.


Rowena said...

I definitely think the ups go with the downs, and sometimes we need to remember that when we are down, we will come up again, and when we are up, we will go down. Accepting that as a part of our cycle and/or process means we don't hate our selves when we are not always perfect or on or happy.

It is a hard thing to remember, though

Geoff Schutt said...


You will always have lots of people rooting for you when you're down, and cheering for you when you're up. Either way, it's positive energy.

Geoff & Eleanor, who Believe in the "Magic"

Leah said...

Yep, that's such an important lesson to learn. We don't need to force ourselves to be up all the time. The forcing and judging makes it so much harder!! i'm glad you're out the other end of it now and feeling fabulous! :-)

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