Monday, August 25, 2008

So... I posted a promise to finish projects. I also said I'd put up a list of my inspirational bloggers that get me through the day. The links may have to wait a week. But I have been finishing. I'm not so good at putting pics online, so that part is not done. And some of my completed projects can't just be photo'd and put on here. Only the one painting, which will be a gift to my stepsister. I made 2 scrapbooks this weekend, also as gifts.

And this will be another whirlwind week. We're leaving for Utah as soon as I get off work on Thursday. And we'll come back Monday. So... life is busy.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about many aspects of my life. And some major changes need to happen. Some, maybe not til after the holidays. But I've done a lot of soul-searching. Many times wondering how I get myself in such odd circumstances, and now having to figure out how to claw my way out. I'll get there. It won't be easy. I think I will need to start journaling again... the Artist's Way always helps me. Recently, I've also withdrawn from my best girlfriend, GG... I need to get back on track with her. One part of my life is wonderful, and for that I'm thankful. Now to figure out how to get that to the center of my life and move all the bad away.

I also recently read 'The Secret' and must start applying that. So many things. Little things really, and I just need to dive in. Dipping my toes in and testing the water is generally not the best route for me. Too much time to think and talk myself out of it. I need to jump. One thing at a time, though...

I know I'm not making sense and I'm sorry... this is as clear as I can be for now.


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