Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not long now!

It's just a few short days now til I go to Utah. I'm keeping up on my to do list so I'm not too overwhelmed, and I am so amazingly excited. If I didn't have that to do list, I'd probably be going insane!

I got my application for the spring craft show. I'll fill it out and turn it in before I go. I'm also taking all the makings for small journals so I can have a sort of make and take with my nieces. Aside from the journal making though, I'm sure it'll be all about photography. My own little retreat. In so many ways... I'll get away from my job for a week, but I'll also reconnect with family and have some quiet time as well. Last time we went to Utah, we were on the go... so many people to see... so much to do. And so many in my family unit to please, like as far as seeing/doing everything. But not this time.

I'll be spending a couple of nights at my brother's house, but the bulk will be spent at dad's. No rush, no hurry... that might be difficult for me. I constantly am doing something. I will figure it out. I do know I will be journaling quite a bit. I have some things I need to figure out. And most likely I will be planning out where I want this business to take me.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Melissa said...

Hugs for you! Have a grand time sister journal maker.


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