Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A tribute to Dad

So... I've been planning this post for a couple of weeks. I've had some glitches, the main one being snail mail. But finally, all pieces are here and I'm ready.
The top two photos are taken by my sister in law Jai. She has recently started pursuing photography as a hobby. Dad has offered to take her out on a photo day and help her to see things through a photographer's eyes. Who knows, they might wait til I get there to go. So... Jai sent some pictures. These are two of the ones she sent me, I will be sharing others as time goes on. Here's what Jai had to say.
"To my father in law who gave me inspiration to take the pictures. The beauty of the sunsets represents who he is to me as a person. The snowy mountains are beautiful to me so I chose these pictures for him as well."
Dad... you've inspired me as well. You have taught me that life's too short and if you don't take opportunities, they may not come around again. And as far as photography goes, you've taught me to snap away... and I've begun to look for those sunrises and sunsets that you cherish so much. Each time I go out to take photos, I want to share them with you. And I know that you are right there with me, in my heart.
We really appreciate you, Dad... I just wanted you to know that. Now send me some pictures so I can share more of yours as well!


Mich said...

Beautiful post, Robyn, with wonderful sentiments....The pics are gorgeous, too!! No matter how old we get, our dads are so important to us!

Melissa said...

Hope Dad is feeling better and Better and BETTER every day!

Lovely pictures. The sky is the best canvas in the world...same sky, totally different look in each and every moment!


Geoff Schutt said...

This is a wonderful tribute -- and indeed, it's inspiring, too.

Thanks for taking us on your journey with you, Robyn.

Geoff (and Eleanor, of course)

LeaKarts said...

What a sweet post! :)

Anonymous said...

you know i have a digital camera for a couple of years. not one as good as i have now thanks robyn but i only used it if my girls were having a birthday or a school function. when i recieved this camera and started to take pictures just to take them i realized how much fun it is. i also was really inspired by my father in law every time i go to his house he shows me the beautiful pictures he takes. talking with robyn gave me more insperation. i would look at the pictures and say to myself there is no way i could ever make a picture turn out so good. i have found i can. i need lots more practice but i feel i am doing good. i am so thankful for the insperation i have been getting it has brought out things in me i never knew exsited. thanks a bunch robyn :)my father in law everyday does give you those words of encouragement to keep you pushing ahead.

Love ya Robyn


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