Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time for a break...

I so badly need a break. And that will come when I go to Utah. I will be going on the 22nd, so it's not far away. Until then... a million things to do. This weekend I'm going to a paper store to get an education. I'll be starting to make art journals/ scrapbooks for my shop and I want the paper to be able to withstand most anything! I will feel like I'm in heaven, wandering around a paper store.
Also, after our trip to Silver Falls, we drove back on some back roads and I'm just aching to go back so I can take some pictures of some awesome old buildings and barns! Dad has been brainstorming about where we might go on our photo day there. I'm glad I will be there a week because we don't have to be out all one day... we can take chunks of time here and there depending on what he has going on and how he is feeling. And while I'm there, I will gather some of his photos to bring back so I can post them periodically!
Of course, I'm really looking forward to seeing my brothers, sister in laws, and their children! I told my sister in law the other day that I want to be the totally awesome hippie chick aunt to her girls. Oh, that reminds me, something else I need to do... I'm taking my excess craft supplies down there for them. Anything to inspire, you know?
I am still in talks with the wedding photographer and hopefully something will work out there soon. Well, after my trip. Want to hear something funny? My husband was going to get me direct flights when I go see my dad, but I told him that I really love layovers, so I have one each way! I am thrilled about that. I'll have my camera in hand and wander! 2 1/2 hours in Denver, 1 in San Francisco. Yay!!
I hope for a wonderful Thursday for you all!


Geoff Schutt said...

Robyn --

I like layovers too. Enjoy the airports during your trip, and keep finding ways to be inspired, because then you inspire all of us.

Geoff & Eleanor

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