Thursday, July 2, 2009


Tomorrow I go camping. I'll be armed with my journal and my camera. Plus, if we go to the same spot as last year, I know some nice rocks to sit and meditate on. I absolutely cannot wait to get away.

It's a Thursday at work before a holiday, so in reality, anything could happen. We could have no business, or we could be hopping all day. We shall see.

My boss and his wife (the only other 2 in the office with me) are going on vacation next week. So, me and a fill-in. Yay.
The spot where we are going is a lush, green, mossy wilderness. With a stream. I hope to get a ton of photos, so be watching out for new ones in my shop next week! Also, still working on some new items for etsy. Those are about a month off though.
I am having a really difficult time getting motivated this morning. It's like I'm awake but my brain is not... *sigh*


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