Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The need to Simplify

This is one of the photos from my "From Days Gone By" series available on Etsy. I know it wasn't really a simpler time, with all the making food from scratch and such, but doesn't it just *seem* like a simpler time? No internet... no commuting... no rushing here and there. And no cell phones.

When I first got my blackberry, I used it constantly. Constantly checking my blog, my etsy shop, googling things, getting directions, and playing. It took about a month til I felt like a slave to it. Now, I have it on me constantly (who doesn't always have their cell phone?), but I have pulled back. I don't stay on it constantly. I check what I need to periodically (probably still too much, honestly), but am no longer looking at it every 30 seconds.

I went on a media fast years ago, and now only hear the news (and yes, always the bad news) from my husband or at work. I don't think I will ever return to watching/reading the news altogether.

I think I could survive in those olden days. I absolutely love making bread from scratch, would certainly never miss the tv, enjoy doing cross-stitch and stuff with my hands, am not afraid of hard work... yeah, I think I could do it. I may need medical treatment from blackberry withdrawals... but I could do it.

I'm feeling a need to simplify. Probably because I worked 55 hours last week. But I feel a need to slow down and re-discover. Re-discover my children, my home....

What are your needs today? I think so often we are concerned with the needs of others that we forget US... and I know for a fact that if we don't recharge, we have nothing to give others. So, I need to simplify. What do YOU need?


Rose said...

Smart, smart Robyn :). I think I would have loved to live in those days. Nothing makes me happier than baking bread or knitting or doing laundry. And no work? That would be fabulous!

Truly though, you are smart to scale down. You are getting back to the roots of what is important to you and that is what matters. LOVE YOU!

42PurpleElephants said...

I got a Blackberry recently as well and was checking it constantly when I first got it. I've stopped doing it quite so much, but I still use it more than I need to. It is a new toy, after all. ;)

I don't know if I would want to live back during "simpler" days and I can sum up my reason why in two words: Indoor plumbing. Hehehe. But, I know I could definitely use less time with the various electronics in my life. Back last September a bad windstorm (leftovers of Ike) left most of the city without power for close to a week. The weather was thankfully nice that week, so having the windows open made things pleasant. Other than being inconvenienced by not being able to cook or keep cold food in the house, it was a really great week without the computer or TV being used.

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