Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life is good

I took this photo in Newport on Sunday... oh how I love daisies. I love them in every shape, size and color. But truthfully, Shasta Daisies are my favorite.

I came home from work early yesterday. I was very pleasantly surprised that even though I hadn't left a chore list my boys had emptied the dishwasher, reloaded it, started it, and wiped down all the countertops in the kitchen. Niiiice! I took my youngest to the pool. I sat there, watching him. And I sat there melting. It was at least 100 degrees! It's supposed to be even hotter today and tomorrow. The not so great part about that is that our work air conditioner will not keep up! When I left yesterday it was already 80 degrees inside the building and it wasn't done! So I will be doing a lot of sweating.

I listed 2 new photos yesterday. And 2 new journals. Hopefully more will come today. I feel really good about most areas of my life lately. Those areas that I don't feel good about, well, baby steps, but steps forward nonetheless. Making the changes that make sense for me.

I hope we all have the wisdom to make those changes in our lives. To make life exactly what we NEED it to be!


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