Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What the heck does one blog about??

So... here I am, starting a blog. It was suggested to me from a photographer I know... and I will be posting my art on here. My name is Robyn, I live near Portland, Oregon, and I am an artist. I paint with acrylics and oils, I collage, I dabble in oil pastels. I am a writer, working on a novel and poetry. I've also done pottery and jewelry making. I'm still feeling my way in this world, exploring new things every day.

My greatest cheerleader is my best friend, who I will call Glamour Girl, or GG for short. She and I are doing "The Artist's Way" together, and she has been such an inspiration for me. We get together every Tuesday night for our girls night out. We usually talk for 2 hours non-stop then go home... last night it was 3-- we just couldn't shut up!

I am currently working on a painting for a writer friend of mine who is having a book published, and he wants my work on the cover. I will let you know how that goes... the writer is my first ever boyfriend from way back, so it's nice, very nice working with him at this point.

I will post some of my work this evening.


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