Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A poem I wrote for my children

They Learn

I think of the children,
three amazing boys.
I wish I could sit them down
and tell them how to live.
Be true to yourself,
always do the right thing.
I wish I could build a dam
against any pain that might come their way.
But I know better,
everything happens for a reason.
Sometimes pain is a catalyst for growth.
I know that any pain they feel,
we will also feel,
that can’t be helped.
We will continue to feel pride in their growth,
we will hold them when they stumble,
worry when they are faced with difficult times
and always we will teach them,
teach them to own up to their mistakes
and to right their wrongs.
We will show them how to find the good in others
and support them when they realize
that sometimes the best thing is to give someone space.
We will continue to show them how to love,
because we know that even when no words are spoken,
perhaps especially then,
they see and they learn.


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