Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank goodness for busy-ness

I still really have no idea what to think about my sister situation. My oldest sister is devastated and not doing well at all. The brothers are harder to read. I still wish that I could hold Lynda until she could see again.

My dad... he still sounds like he is in good spirits. However, yesterday they found out that not only does he have pneumococcal pneumonia, but an infection showed up in his blood. So... I drew the conclusion that he is septic. They are still keeping him on 11 liters of oxygen. His norm is 3-4. And yesterday his doctor was talking about lowering the liters, but he took the oxygen off of him for about a minute and his sats went from 92 to 62. So, on 11 liters he stays. So, come Tuesday at the earliest they will fly him to a better hospital, well a hospital where his lung specialist is. And hopefully things will get better.

We have all the big stuff moved over now... now we just need to put all our extra stuff in storage and clean the house we moved out of. I hate moving, but I am glad to be kept busy right now.


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