Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PMS Sucks

I am normally a pretty rational person, as a general rule I don't give in to mood swings or play the little mind games that are typical of females. However, the last two months, I've had 2 days to a week of PMS... bouts of crying, getting my feelings hurt, needing reassurance, needing attention, even suicidal thoughts. I almost have an out of body experience, where I can see myself acting all crazy, but I just can't control it. This is so not me.

Years ago, I had gone to the doctor and I had told him that I would survive PMS but I wasn't sure that anyone around me would. So, he put me on prozac. It sounds strange, but it worked. I did well on prozac. But I weaned myself off of it after a few years. And now, I must consider the option of going back on it. I don't like that person that is the PMS-Robyn. And people around me don't deserve it. So... even though I hate going to the doctor, I will have to go before next month. egads.


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