Thursday, February 12, 2009

Amazing things are happening!

Last week, here in the Portland area, a local radio station held a fundraiser for the Children's Cancer Association. They raised somewhere around $270,000. It was a 28 hour long radio broadcast, and there was no part that I listened to that I did not get so choked up. I have been so lucky, having 3 healthy children. And I wanted to do something... something to give to these families.

So I called and emailed the CCA. Offering to take pictures of 10-12 kids a month and making one of my photo pendants with each picture to give one to each family. Well, the email is lost out there somewhere, but the phone call was read, passed to two or three people verbally, then emailed to the contact it needed to go to.

And she called me yesterday!!! However, it's funny how things work out. She was only told that I'm a local photographer wanting to donate my services, so when she called me she was talking about me being 'on call' as it were, to go take photos of kids and their families when they've been told they don't have very long. Like... going into their home with them and just making a photo record of their family. She said she did not know if that would interest me. I was almost in tears. What an honor to be asked to do this!! Wow!

I did go on to talk to her about my pendants and we started the email conversations about me donating those, so I hope to hear back from her today. I was so excited yesterday that I was shaking.

You know... my sister in law had been talking to me about patience, weeks ago. It has been something that I needed to work on. I wanted everything to happen instantly, I always have. But I am really starting to see now how things happen in their own time. Yeah, I work towards them, and I pursue them... But this photo thing, I had to give it a week to breathe, then it happens! I am learning so much about life.

Update!! Starting today, 100% of any photo pendant purchase in my shop will go towards funding my CCA endeavors!

7 comments: said...

It sounds wonderful...what an honor.

HanamiGallery said...

wow. that is great. im sure it will be greatly appreciated! your pic of the morning (?) sky is beautiful too~!

The Queen Of Re said...

Nice to "meet" you. Thanks you posting in the etsy forum.

LeaKarts said...

What a fantastic experience, and a beautiful way to give to the community! You are amazing :)

Walk in the Woods said...

Amazing things, indeed!

And thanks for stopping by my blog to enter my give-away! Peace.

Boutique By Bonnie said...

You've found a new passion and that's great. I'm sure you'll get so much in return.

Geoff Schutt said...

You're "creating good" and "making good," Robyn. Congrats, from me, and from Eleanor. Keep up the tremendous work!

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