Monday, February 2, 2009

Silver Falls...

Yesterday we hiked at Silver Falls. We hiked a 5 1/2 mile loop that included 7 waterfalls. Each waterfall was gorgeous, but seeing them all in one hike was more than amazing. I should have some new photos up in my shop soon... photos and photo pendants. And some coasters.
Tomorrow, after quite a delay, will be the special post I was talking about last week. And since my trip is in 3 weeks, my class will be offered after that. So hopefully the 2nd week of March. I hope I have some people interested by then. If you are, please email me at
In high school, my best friend's name was Jason. Last time I saw him was at the 10 year reunion. Well, next year is our 20 year reunion, and Jason's wife contacted me on facebook. He has been looking for me. So hopefully, he and I will talk soon!
There is so much to do before my trip. I tend to get overwhelmed. So today, I should make a little list and just start getting stuff done. But while I'm in Utah.... I'm not going to worry about anything :-). I will have someone here to hang my stuff in the art show, and someone here who can ship out anything that's ordered. Life is good.
Happy Monday... think of all the wonderful possibilities of this week!


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