Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lazy, long weekend

I had a 3 day weekend, as many of you in the US did. And it was lazy. I took naps, I watched some movies, and generally relaxed. I wonder how long it's been since I've just relaxed for that amount of time.

I forget, many times, to just chill out. I am constantly busy. Constantly on the go, fueled by my own momentum. Usually if I slow down, even a little, I have guilt. Guilt for not going 100 mph. Guilt for not getting as much done as I planned.

And I had planned lots of things for this weekend! I was going to clean my boys' rooms. Deep clean the living room, go through some stuff to sort out for the move. I don't feel guilty though. That stuff will get done. And I am recharged. Yay, me!

I have really big plans business wise, and I will start concreting those plans today. Working on some new journals, planning to learn some new techniques. Along with other plans... plans that I'll unveil soon!

I hope your weekend was wonderful. And surprising, in some way. And that this week is magical.


michiganhemp said...

Oooo, new plans that are yet to be unveiled? YAY! I can't wait. I'm so glad that you took some time for yourself. We all need to do that once in a while, or we get lost in the never ending circle of always doing and never 'stopping to smell the roses', so to speak. You deserve to take a break and enjoy life! I hope you feel renewed and refreshed, and that this week brings nothing but happiness!


Christie Cottage said...

We all need time to recharge. I did not have that luxury.

SO many projects to do, oftern times we wear ourselves out thinking about it and we haven't even started the projects!

Beautiful picture shown too.

Have a wonderful short week!

Flamingo Junction said...

Recharging your batteries every so often is more important than 'getting it all done'. Sometimes we forget that we are merely human!

sandi lei said...

Always exciting to hear new ideas unfolding! Glad to hear you had a relaxing weekend... xoxo

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