Monday, September 14, 2009

Sometimes the rain comes

I am generally an upbeat person. I know how to keep my head above water, how not to let the little things get me down. But once in awhile, something pulls me under. I allow other's toxicity in, and it saddens me to the core.

Saturday, I slept in, I took a long nap... I didn't even shower or brush my hair. I was in a funk. It started on Friday, and I functioned, I spent time with my children, I cooked meals, I cleaned. But at the core I was sad.

Saturday was tough, and Sunday I got up, forced myself to be happy, making a big breakfast, cleaning up the kitchen, took a shower. I also went and visited a friend. I knew that I couldn't lay around the house. That I had to be out there, and I had to shake this.

I talked to some good friends online. I sewed some journals. I talked to some old friends on facebook... the clouds lifted and the sun shined bright! I have the tools, we all do... just have to remember to use them!


michiganhemp said...

It can be hard to see through the clouds and rise above, but I agree that we all have the power! Sometimes we just need to focus on the good things, no matter how small! Glad you're back to your happy self!

Christie Cottage said...

Glad you are better. SOmetimes I think we need to experience a little "down" to know how much we appreciate being "up"!

Have a wonderful week. See you in our thread and tomorrow on your blog!

Sandi lei said...

robyn... yes sometimes the rain does come, but you always see the sunshine follow. Your outlook is realistic and positive. It's very refreshing after a good rain, isnt it?

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