Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sometimes after a rain, comes a rainbow

I took this photo last Friday at my work. See the faint double to the rainbow, above it? I think rainbows are absolutely magical. Usually, they're after a rainstorm of some sort, and then the sun pops through and there's this rainbow. Amazing.

I am finding more and more that life is like that. A storm, then something glorious. You just have to wait it out. Next time you're stuck in limbo, remember that. Always work towards where you need to be, don't give up, and it will be glorious.


michiganhemp said...

I like to say "keep your eye on the prize". Sometimes you have to put the blinders on and look straight ahead, avoiding anything and everything that might stand in your way!


Christie Cottage said...


sandi lei said...

what an awesome outlook!!!

Rose said...

Well isn't that just perfect! What I love about you Robyn is that no matter what happens, you are always so positive. I love you chica!

Drop of Sunshine Design said...

I always say that to myself: If you can't endure the rain, you won't be able to see the rainbow. Thanks for the lovely pic!

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