Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things I learned Yesterday

Yesterday I learned so many things. It was an exceptionally challenging day. So... here are a few things I learned:

I learned that communication is the key. And sometimes, when a relationship ends, you must assure others in your life that it's not their 'fault'. Even if there is absolutely NO WAY it could be, they still need that assurance.

I learned that no matter how close to death a spirit is, you can't predict the timing. I nursed our near-death ferret all day yesterday. He stopped taking fluids around 4pm, I let him rest, checking on him and talking to him periodically. I knew he would be gone by morning. This morning, still no stirring, but he is taking fluids. Who knew that Oliver was such a fighter?
I learned that when my heart is hurting, it is ok to finally let the tears spill out. I seldom let that happen, but the cleansing I felt was astonishing.
I learned that there are people... some very physically close to me... some who I have never met in person... who can soothe my soul.
I learned that no man is an island and no-one is on this journey alone. And I learned that my duty is to reach out when I need the support. Friends can't be there for me if they don't know what I need.
I was reminded that life is amazing. What did you learn yesterday?


michiganhemp said...

I learned that you are one tough cookie, and there are many, many reasons that you have become my best friend!


Kim said...

Go Oliver.... Bless his little heart. Lots of love to you, you can do it. :0)

Kim (KimsBeads)

Flamingo Junction said...

So glad Oliver is hanging tough. You are a great pet mommy and whatever happens, he knows he is loved.

Avlor said...

hugs to you and to little Oliver.

What did I learn yesterday? Well, it's a lesson I keep having to remind myself of. Keep the important stuff, the important stuff. Made myself take time out to be with my youngest. Best time I spent all day, and I almost didn't do it!

Tea said...

You learned a lot yesterday. A very thoughtfully written post.

I learned that you have to make time for your priorities and that saying 'no' is not always bad - just sometimes difficult.

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