Monday, August 16, 2010

Chugging Along

It has been a busy summer. So much activity with the boys. Saturday we paintballed, we went to Saturday Market, we played at our favorite water park. We had declared it "no chain day". On no chain day, we only eat and shop local. We don't go to any place that is a chain. It has it's own challenges, like we gas up the car the day before. We do our grocery shopping prior as well. But it's a fun and challenging thing. And it makes us appreciate the businesses that are local, and we support them so we can have them around for the next time. More often than not, it gives us places to go even when we have not declared it a no chain day.

My life will slow down after next weekend. It will calm a lot. And I can dive in to my novel. I can pursue some new venues with my journals. My mind is always going, and quite honestly, I deal with a lot of frustration when I can't follow through. So, the time will come soon to follow through.

And so I have another week of percolating. That's ok. It will be a very busy week. And mixed into the busy-ness will be me laying out an outline of a game plan. So that I don't just spin my wheels once I'm able to act on my thoughts.


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