Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last night I was feeling blah. I was feeling discouraged. And I let myself feel this way. I wallowed for a short time, then I decided I needed a plan. So, I began to formulate a plan. And then I tossed and turned last night worrying about more stuff that I hadn't yet dealt with.

So, one of my plans will go into effect soon. I'm thinking a referral journal giveaway, but I haven't worked out all the details yet. Basically, I know that people who have bought my journals love them. And if you refer someone to me and they buy a journal, you'll be entered for a giveaway. But like I said, I'm working on the details.

The other stuff, I'll be tackling today.

Part of it is struggling with this authentic me. I know that writing helps to bring me to my true North. Writing is the art that has always saved me. And I'm working on that. I'm working on making the time. It's hard with 3 teenage boys who are talkative and funny and active. But I just need to make that time.

Another part is photography, and honestly I don't feel it right now. What I feel is a tinge of guilt but I don't feel inspired to do it. I do know that I will return to it. I will enjoy life through the viewfinder at some point.

So what are your struggles today?


TheHappySoul said...

(((((((((SIS)))))))))) the referral program sounds great! I hope it works out well for you. :)

Struggles... ugh. It seems they are different everyday, depending on my mood. Today is starting out to be a good day, and so far, I'm thinking the only struggle is what part of the house to clean first. LOL Really though... my biggest daily struggle is just allowing me to be ME.. to not worry about what everyone else in the world may think or how they will react. I'm a good person and I know that if I simply allow me to be ME, everyone around me will be happier because of it.

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