Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I thought a lot about discipline yesterday. About the changes I will make to have my goals become a reality. And I thought I would have a couple free hours last night, so I planned to write. However, life had other plans. No emergencies, nothing like that. My two youngest sons were gone for the evening and my oldest son said "let's do something." So with no planning, we went and played 36 holes of miniature golf. We wandered through a downtown park. We looked at the clouds. We lived life.

For a moment, I felt guilty. "See Robyn? This is why your novel isn't completed. You always have something else to do." But, these times with my children are short. There will have to be times when they are the priority. So, last night I played. Saturday afternoon/evening I will write. Sunday I will write. The next 2 childfree weeks I will write like mad.

And through it all life goes on. I have to also consider the fact that I would not be a writer if I had no life experience. I would have nothing to draw from. So, my pledge is that I will work on self-discipline. I will make goals and keep them. But I will also allow myself to live life without beating myself up about it.


TheHappySoul said...

YAY!!! So glad you are getting to the point where you won't beat yourself up over it anymore! We all have to have those "play" days, Sis. Without them, we would be nothing more than empty shells... never smiling, never hoping, never LIVING. Good for you!


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