Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am wondering today how others handle it when they have 15 amazing project ideas all at once. Do they start them, then flit from project to project to work on each one as they are inspired to do so? Do they write down the basics then prioritize and work on one at a time? How do YOU deal with this?

I'm dealing witht his right now, and I'm a flitter. But the problem with that is that each one takes 15X longer, and it may not get my best effort. So, I'm trying to figure out how to reprogram I think. Being able to switch gears works well if I'm just quickly trying to make a tweak or two to a project. But not when I'm in the thick of one and it truly deserves my full attention.

There is so much I didn't learn earlier in life, I now realize. Like how to follow through with amazing ideas. I will get there, it's just more of a challenge because I feel like I need to re-wire.

How do you handle projects/ideas? How do you follow through and give each your best effort?


TheHappySoul said...

(((((SIS)))))) First, YAY for having the overflow if inspiration! That's a fantastic thing :)

When I have more than one idea, I make sure to write them all down, and then I choose one to do from start to perfection. That's just how I work. The only bad part is that sometimes I forget to go back and look at my little journal with all the other ideas in it! LOL

Miranda said...

Honestly I have an idea journal (thanks to the wonderful Robyn) but my issue is I write them down, take notes to expand on and then putter out. A lot of times I flitter too and it becomes very un productive, so let me know when you figure out how to stay focused on one at a time cause I'd sure like to know :) I start on something and then half way through realize I need to do this other project or idea so I can finish the one I'm on...over and over and then I look back at 10 half done projects. lol

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