Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Filling my Well

I felt empty yesterday. Like I had nothing left to give. Drained. But at one point, a friend on facebook posted how distressed she was about a situation and I said the right thing at the right time. That helped me immensely. Some other things came up, and I had a rough day, but as I look back on that moment, I realized what I need. I need to reach out and help. That fills my well. So, I'm taking baby steps. I'm getting there.

I'm in the process of instituting some self care (since fall is almost here and schedules are changing) and I'm figuring out how to reach out to those who need me.


TheHappySoul said...


Yay for figuring out what you needed! That can be the hardest part sometimes. Here's hoping that everything gets better very soon!


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