Monday, September 28, 2009

A time for Personal Change

There are many circumstances in my life right now that are way out of my control. And finally, I (being the consummate stubborn one) realized that there are changes that I can make to make this time easier. I had fallen out of my meditation routine. Self-care was decreasing. Feelings of anger, hostility, and anxiety were increasing.

This morning, I did a stretching routine. Then I meditated. It felt good being on my meditation cushion. My job is hit and miss for down time, I will try to get some time to just breathe during the day, but regardless of that, morning meditation soothes my soul.

I am also planning to go out more often with my camera. Probably less online time in the evenings. Hopefully more time creating, organizing, cleaning. Less time dwelling on the negative, and more time harvesting the positive.

How about you?


michiganhemp said...

YAY for you! I'm so glad that you are taking the steps to help keep your happy! Although, I will miss you when you're not online. :)


Melissa said...

OH I hear ya girl. I feel like I need to 'reevaluate' my priorities as well to maintain some sort of balance.

Miss Meliss said...

Oh look, another Melissa! Hi Melissa!

Anyways, 'online' is a place I can get lost into. It's like a sucking vortex of yummy'ness. I'm blogging again (at a new place), but I'm trying to keep it more simple.

Take those pictures girl!! Show us your soul. Yeah!!


Girl~Lee Goodz said...

Isn't it a constant battle...maybe I'll try meditation. Keep your chin up :)

shelley said...

This si good, you need time for yourself, to do something everyday that makes you feel good. Because you desrve it! And if you feel good, then you open yourself up to allow more good things in =D Keep taking care of yourself and everything else will fall into place.

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