Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This journal will be listed in my shop today. I'm having such a good time creating new and inspiring journals! This one has a goddess button for the closure and the word "Create" branded on it.

I personally feel much more... alive? happy? fulfilled? yeah, pretty much all of those when I'm creating. When I'm pursuing the things I enjoy, and when they bring something to other's lives... that just makes it all the more amazing!

That is part of what I will touch on in my upcoming class. Besides getting your creativity flowing, but how to keep creating things you love despite crazymakers in your life. Despite the people who say they support you but who will do anything they can to stand in the way of your creativity. As artists, we need to be selfish at some points. We need to take that time to fill our well. And as women, being selfish goes against everything we've been taught. So the first start of the battle is within. We are doing a tug of war.

What I will tell you at this point is that once you put that type of selfishness into practice (and it's not a bad thing, it makes you a more whole, happier person), then those around you will adjust and it will stop being a struggle. But, yes, what a battle it is to begin....

I do hope you'll join us for our class. It will begin July 5 and there is a link on the upper right column of this blog!


TheHappySoul said...

Gorgeous journal, Sis! I CANNOT wait for class to start! What an amazing journal it will be, and what an awesome teacher to lead us! Exciting!


ardee said...

LOVE the branding, what a beautiful journal! I too, feel happier when I'm creating and I need to remember that. I tend to stop when I'm feeling stressed and anxious about things. I forget how soothing and healing creating can be!

Marie said...

(((Robyn))) ~ gorgeous journal!! Love to see you creating more of them ;D

giggles'N' rainbows said...

I love your journal Robyn; I'm so happy that you are listening to the artist within you.
This post speaks to me with words I so need to hear and listen to. I feel drained when I am not creating. The desire to create is so apart of me that I am overwhelmed and can't cope without expressing it. I'm looking forward to your class and finding the strength to battle successfully against those crazymakers and their discouragement.

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