Monday, June 7, 2010


I spent the weekend around family and friends that I haven't really been around much since my recent divorce from my 2nd husband. We got my oldest son graduated. We had lots of laughs and caught up on old times.

The most amazing thing to me though, is the strain from EVERY prior visit (during my marriage to my 2nd husband), was gone. There was none of the drama, no tension. And everything felt... right. Total acceptance was felt by me, and I'm sure I was giving those same vibes.

It's amazing how the dynamics change, though I can't say it was all about the absence of one person. I have changed drastically. I am calmer, less on edge, and much more at peace. I put that out there, and it helps others at the same time.

My first husband and I have always remained friends. We have 3 amazing sons together, and there is nothing we can't accomplish for those boys when we are a unified front. I hear stories of ugly divorces. Of custody battles. Of couples with children who can NOT get along and it makes me so sad. I am thankful that we can be a family. I'm thankful that the boys have so many adults who love them completely. And I am thankful for acceptance.

What are you thankful for?


designsbykari said...

My family and friends...for each and every one of them and for every day we can be together.

Marie said...

((Robyn)) ~ wonderful post. I too am thankful for family. Families come in all forms and it is fantastic when children can feel the love and support from their family no matter the happenings of the past. I think it teaches them the value of acceptance and forgiveness of even our own faults. I believe in this aspect it builds a better future for them. :D

Crystal said...

From a girl who comes from a very messy divorce whose parents don't have a nice thing to say about each other 26 years later, I think it is AWESOME that you and your ex are friends. It's so important for your boys.

I'm thankful for two wonderful children, and a husband who is relentlessly supportive of whatever flighty thing I decide to take on matter how much extra work it puts on him!

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