Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Forge Onward

There will always be those crazymakers in life who want to act as a speedbump. People who can't help but spin around and try to draw you in to their crazy. I'm dealing with one such person right now. And though I'm an extremely peaceful person, I will take whatever steps necessary to protect my passions. This is someone not in my life, so I will say what needs to be said, creating the barriers that I need to, and I will move on.

It is much more difficult to do when the crazymaker resides with you. I've dealt with that one as well. All I know for absolute certain is that if you are becoming stronger and don't let them affect you, they will eventually tire and move on. And yes, it's absolutely exhausting. It can definitely be a two steps forward, three steps back kind of situation. Not fun at all. And crazymakers seem to have an ever increasing arsenal to draw from.

When you're dealing with that, it's best to have reinforcements. Even if it's an online group who can "fill your well" when the crazymaker absolutely drains you. Seek the help of others, let someone in, so that you can have the support that you so dearly deserve.

What have been your experiences with crazymakers?


Mary said...

Robyn, I've had my fair share of experiences with crazymakers and it is exhausting dealing with them. It's also very stressful, especially when they are related. Go forward my friend. Doors are opening for you.

Marie said...

((Robyn)) ~ I find it uncanny that somehow you seem to write something each day that I need to hear and can relate to. My crazymaker is a family member ~ too long of a story to post here but I thank you again for your wonderful words and unending kindness in support of others. You are truly an amazing person ;D

Crystal said...


I have a crazymaker who is a family member. After years of dealing with their ridiculous words and actions, I just decided to cut them out completely and the result??? A much happier and calmer life for me and my immediate family!

Down with the crazymakers! LOL!!!

Have an Awesome Day!!!!

ardee said...

Crazymakers are everywhere, trust me! Just when you think you're free of one another pops up to take their place. So, I guess all any of can do is block them out and focus on the good people around us who are so much more deserving of our love and attention. (((((Robyn)))))

Feithline said...

Well, I used to be one. :)

In defense of Crazymakers - we don't know we're making you crazy. We're a little like wounded children with ADHD. We're pretty broken. And we *can* change.


TheHappySoul said...


crazymakers... can't live with em, can't shoot em! (no offense to any of the "unknowing" crazymakers)

Forgive my harshness. Just had the worst crazymaker ever rip my hubby's kids from our home and take them 2000 miles away. The worst part...she knows full well what she's doing and cares about no one other than herself.

Robynsart said...

Feith, I know that crazymakers are damaged. I have a post about how I can be my own crazymaker... but MY crazymaker... yes, he is amazingly damaged, and I used to have to deal with him, but I no longer do. I am sad that he processes things the way he does, and I am sorry that he keeps himself in turmoil. However, I don't have to have it disrupt my life any longer.

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