Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fight for It

I've thought alot about yesterday's post, and yes, I know that regardless of the diagnosis, there's always hope. I was just writing about the attitude I took to it. Receiving the diagnosis of MS hit me hard because I watched my mom deteriorate.

I've done a lot of research, and know there are at least 7 different types of MS. Each of them with varied results. My brain was telling me not to give up, but my heart accepted death as the fate. Many reasons for that.

If I were to receive the diagnosis today, after as far as I've come, I don't think I'd give up. I think I would begin some sort of treatment immediately and fight it like a madwoman. What's different? Age. Wisdom. Many life lessons. And the fact that I have built a life worth fighting for. I have created beauty and joy. And love. Much love.

If you were to receive a dire diagnosis, what would sustain you? What have you surrounded yourself with that would be worth fighting for? It's never too late to build the life you want.


TheHappySoul said...


Life can seem difficult at times, but we all have many reasons to fight if just stop and take the time to look around us. Family is number one for me, but there are so many other reasons, too. Here's hoping that everyone can take a second to see what they truly value in their lives today!

giggles'N' rainbows said...

Your MS blogs were so inspiring and not only for those with a serious illness! They have meaning and can benefit not only those with any dire diagnosis, but also for those that might be dying because they have let others suck the life out of them.
Why do some make life all about the responsibilities, duties, work? Why do some of us give and give-in till there isn’t anymore? What if you are an artist, and have a drive to create? Will you fight for that right to express /create or only take care of your responsibilities? Putting aside the desire to create can cause a dying in much the same way. I’ve been there, I’m quoting your words here, but the words could very easily be mine. “You stop seeing the vibrant colors of the every day. You lose the pep in your step. Your life stops being about excelling. But mostly, you lose hope. You stop inspiring others. You stop giving, you stop contributing.” Giving in and not fighting to preserve all parts of who you are can be cause for a dire diagnosis as well. There is rarely a day that I don’t read your blog; many days I find just what I need to not give up the fight. Robyn, I sincerely say Thank you!

ardee said...

There is always a reason to live and to live life with all your heart. A dear friend of mine fought and beat Hodgkins Disease not once but twice only to take his own life 2 years later. I spent months being angry because he not only died he took a part of me with him and I just couldnt grasp the fact that he left me after all our conversations and promises. How can you live with such passion to fight such a deadly disease to just end your life like that?
I vowed, after his death, to always find a reason to fight to live even if life seemed hopeless because I saw and felt the devastation of what he had done. Life is a gift that we must always cherish.

Robyn, I love your passion in life and belief in yourself and all of us around you. I'm glad you're my friend! xxoo

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