Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Morning

Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my children in an area of Portland they'd never been in. The Hawthorne District is an eclectic, hippie style area with lots of restaurants and shops. We found a great place to eat. If you pass by a restaurant called "Rice Junkies" I highly recommend it!
We found the cutest little dollar store where the lady inside encouraged them to play. They really needed that because we had gone to a million stores that had the coolest things and I was constantly reminding my youngest to not touch. And it's so hard sometimes to not touch really cool things!
After we left Hawthorne, we went to a nickel arcade and then to Powell's books. No trip to Portland is complete without a trip to Powell's. It was a really good day, something we look forward to every year. It's the one guaranteed time when I will take the day off work and it's just us. I think traditions are so important with children.
My oldest son was encouraging me to sell my stuff at Saturday Market in Portland... He even said he would get up early and help me man the booth. I told him I would check into it. So, researching will begin. I hope that we all have a fabulous Friday!


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