Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy... oh crap is it only Tuesday?

A lot about my journey lately, then nothing. Sometimes life is like that. I'm still on that journey, still chugging along. I seem to have road blocks, but then who doesn't. This week, however, is all about Spring Break, and about poison oak it seems.

I've been on a mission to ease my children's pain associated with the poison oak. And so far, it seems to be working. I found a wonderful treatment, a wash, that even washes off the oils after it has settled in totally. It was expensive, but oh so worth it.

Thursday I'm taking the boys into a section of Portland that they've never been before. We always explore downtown, but this time we are taking a trip through a really eclectic section of Portland. I'm generally an over-planner, but this time the plans will be minimal. The destination is enough for me. The day will take care of itself. So... yes, the journey continues even when I'm not thinking about it!

Oh... I took the above picture during our road trip on Sunday. I will try to be listing more photos today, on both Etsy and Imagekind.

Now for a question. What lesson have you had to learn in life that you could not avoid? Like, what kept coming up no matter how many times you tried to avoid it. What kept hitting you over the head?


Melissa said...

Great question! You're really making me think here.....

Learn the difference between everyone else's perception of who you are and Who You Are.

I got a test in that one on and off my blog this week. :)


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