Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Home again

This photo is of my brother and one of his daughters on a photo day we had. I love how the tunnel framed them and you can just see dark figures. See the icicles in the foreground?

I had a wonderful time in Utah. I sat with Dad and looked at all of his old Navy photos, then I scanned in 50 something and put them on a thumb drive to bring home. I have some upcoming projects, using those, and others using the hundreds of Dad's photos that I brought home.

I had a relaxing time with Dad... there was never any rush, and we could just relax and talk. Most days that I was there, I was able to photograph the sunrise or sunset, sometimes both. I went on two photo days with my sister in law. We have the same camera, so I was able to teach her how to do macros and panoramic shots. And I had several photo times with Dad. The one day from the previous post, and another day we drove to Provo for a Dr. appt. I got so many shots from the vehicle of the canyon, and several that he pulled over for me to take a picture, like a natural arch, a frozen over waterfall, and an old gas station. I also heard tales from one of Dad's friends about how his family supplied Butch Cassidy with fresh horses (he even had an awesome photo album!).

So today it's back to work. In a way, I've missed it. And I will be posting more daily. If I can get back on track, I will have an artisan interview tomorrow.


indigo goddess arts said...

welcome Back!! Great to hear you had such a Fabulous time w/ your family!!! Look forward to seeing your photo's!!

Geoff Schutt said...

We missed you and your words and your photos and well just about everything and we're so happy you're back, Eleanor says.

Geoff agrees.

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