Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday

My weekend was spent cleaning all day Saturday then a 12 hour road trip on Sunday. It's Spring Break!! I still have to work, of course, but it's Spring Break here. This is another of Dad's photos... I love the texture of the clouds. Next to trees, I think clouds are one of my very favorite subjects.

Two out of my three boys have really bad poison oak. They are suffering. I'm treating it, but it's heartbreaking to see them suffer like that. If any of you know of any magical cures, I'd love to hear it!

I came home from the road trip yesterday to an Etsy sale! How exciting is that? I am utterly thrilled with each and every sale.

This week will be spent squeezing in every moment of quality time with my boys, as well as us working on a special project for Dad. Thursday I'm taking the day off for our Spring Break tradition of wandering through Portland.

Dad is home from the hospital. He seems to be doing ok. Continued prayers would be appreciated.

I hope today is the beginning of an amazing week for all of you!


BrigaBauble said...

Your dad's photos are gorgeous. I love clouds and sky as well. So sorry to hear about your boys. Hope you'll be able to find them a product that will provide some relief!

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